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3D print and build your own spider bot

Nice build, involves ALOT of servo motors thought.

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Simple plunger design for paste extruder for ceramic 3D printer

Pretty simple design, not so sure how much more a stepper with threaded rod going thru the shaft is thought.  Its definitely not a common stepper motor to come across.  

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Cool dust collector build

This is a nice build, I like the see-thru tank part and that it can be added onto a standard garbage can.  Of course if I am making this much dust…well I must have a serious CNC involved. Build a … Continue reading

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Nice looking Electrolysis rust removal build

Have DC power supply, bucket, and iron rods and you two can build your own Electrolysis rust remover.

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Simple clip reload build

I like this, dump the bullets on one end, sort and line them up, then push them  in. Beats doing one at a time.

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Nice Outdoor tree decor

I like the build, simple, and easy.  But…I think I would make some sort of spike I could drive into the ground for the pole instead of a plywood platform.

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