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Interesting Tumbler build

Looks like an old motor, possibly a pool motor, and a 5 gallon bucket combined for this build. Its a bit noisy of a build too.

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Nice clamp setup for drill press

Alot more work than I would have done. The author build a clamp to clamp board vertically on the drillpress.

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Jig for making finger joints

Interesting build. Simple one to make too.

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Another nice sheet metal brake

Without welding and only with standard tools. The author built it to be 42 inches wide (which it a big one). Small ones you can get at harbor freight for pretty cheap.

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3D print molds for glass

The article talks about how one person makes 3D printed molds to put molted glass in for projects. Interesting article but the meat is in the link below that:

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Make your own sit/stand desk

Impressive build with cheap materials…but…OMG this would be a very time consuming build. Me…I’ll just buy one.

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Make an outdoor bunching bag holder

Ironically I was just looking at doing this. Not so much out of Scaffolding (since I don’t really have access to that sort of stuff). But still a nice build.

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Nice Dowel rod jig

To use to make seemless connections in wood.

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2 dollar jammer disables SimpliSafe Alarm System

I can’t believe a simple jammer disables this home security system. basically you jam the wireless sensors so the base station doesn’t hear the alarm going off. The jammer is a simple 433Mhz remote from ebay. The base station can … Continue reading

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Interesting compound miter stand

Well if you have nice sawhorses, and an old ladder that you don’t need. I can see making this for your compound miter. Me…I just got one of those portable stands at Harbor Freight for cheap.

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