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Nice Trebuchet build

This build seems to wrap the weight end in a separate arm from the part that slings out the payload.  And seems to do a really good job of it.  I like the stats the author has on how far … Continue reading

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Turn your tablesaw into a disk sander

I like this idea but….not so sure I want fine dust in the tablesaw.  I know it makes savings anyways, but I see a few issues, one getting the “sand blade” to fit.  And two, the micro dust factor… Either … Continue reading

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Make your own Legend of Zelda night light

I like this build.  Now given alot of the cutout is done with a Laser CNC, there is still alot to do.  You have to build the internal glass frame, glue all the inside wooden parts to it, etc etc. … Continue reading

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Make your own anti boil over pot lid holder

This is cool compare to my method of just moving the lid a bit and hope for the best.  The author posted up the vector pictures so you can CNC these out yourself.

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Nice phone charging stand build

Nice build for a phone charging stand to put in the wall

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Make custom foam inserts for your tools

I like this build.  Downside is you need a laser CNC, I think you could do this with a regular CNC as well, just not so sure how well the drill will do with foam.

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Glass Jar Pumpkin

Nice build, surpised the tape comes off OK for the “face” part of the jar.

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Create custom molds for candle sticks

I like this build, the author covers how to make a custom candlestick holder mold with CAD and a 3D printer.  If you are good at CAD (looks like Sketchup he is using), this could be a good way to … Continue reading

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Build a lightning generator

OK this was cool build.  Take one of those USB lighters and a bunch of caps/diodes.  Interesting build. Lightning Generator from Electric Lighter

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Cool step stool

Nice build, the author made it so legs come out of the bottom to heighten it as needed.

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