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Use gmail to send money.

Basically they added integration to Google Wallet (android pay) to gmail.

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$11? Great where can I buy one?

Apparently some researchers in china build a radio relay that can bounce a car remote signal from a pretty far distance to “unlock it” and in some cases allow the person to drive away for $11.  OK thats great, but … Continue reading

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Interesting opensource test tool

Flashback by Linkedin looks like an interesting test tool you can use to test web services that was opensourced…gee a month ago…Looks like its all in java too. LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a tool for mocking internet traffic

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Build a ghetto vertical plotter

Too funny, the build works thought.  It may look ghetto, but the parts involved are not cheap.

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Not sure if I should be worried, or thrilled at this one.  (Oh and there is a kiosk in Rochester and Buffalo NY).  Basically you upload your keys (pictures) to the website, and when you need a spare, you go … Continue reading

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Need to make a logo, try these chrome apps

Yeah I know I need one.  These apps may help there… they look simple enough.

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Make you own scented candles

Hum…this looks pretty easy to do, but is it cheaper than buying one? How To Make Homemade Scented Candles

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Need to keep folks from knowing you read the facebook messages…

Us the Unseen API (chrome/android)

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Simple battery level indicator for Arduino

Uses some custom characters, but could be worth adding in to your project so you have an idea as to if you need to charge the device or not.

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Use a sawzall to shake cans of paint

Interesting build.  The author basically took a sawzall that wasn’t working out for him and made a paint shaker out of it with an arduino to control it.  The write up is pretty good.  And if you have a broken … Continue reading

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