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Make molds for metal with Silicone

The author has a pretty detailed video on the steps he took.  Overall is a pretty nice build.  Not so sure where I would get a “pressure chamber” thought to get rid of air bubbles like he did. Silicone Molds … Continue reading

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Want to learn about AI?

Check out (classes thru Coursera).  Looks pretty intense class too.

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I actually like the design over the story

Interesting story how the author goves over some expenses and issues when building hardware with a short delivery time.  Overall I like the build itself too. Rushing the Design and Construction of LED Centerpieces

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Pretty simple 2D CNC arm

Basically a simple plotter.  This one is a nice build cause you can move it around and it seems to cover a full 8×11 sheet of paper.  Could be worth checking out someday to build myself.  Oh uses an arduino … Continue reading

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Nice cable holder build

I like this build, only issue is I do not fully understand how the author attached it to the table, since it looks like its in mid air.

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Nice build for a motorized lazy susan

Pretty neat hack to convert a Lazy susan to be motorized.  Cheap too…well except the motor…

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Nice ideas to do with kids for solar power

The balloon one is nice one to try out.

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Convert a lawnmower to air

Compressed air that is.  Interesting build (pretty simple too since you don’t need a carb, mag, etc).  I like the tweak to move the air coming in/out tube. Converting a Lawnmower Engine To Run on Compressed Air

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Another nice LED sign build

I like the use of wood for the backdrop.  You could do other things in the background instead of wood too. DIY Backlit LED Sign

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Take part of a bike frame and use it for a key safe

Interesting idea…but what if someone just takes the pipe and cuts the keys loose for later use.  I could actually see making this but I don’t think I would weld the bottom.  Maybe just fold it over?

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