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Nice plywood cart build

Made from 1 sheet of 3/4’s plywood. And some casters and dowel rod. Me…I don’t know if I would go this fancy. Its a nice build, but I usually look for ways to simplify a build.

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Making threads in PVC pipe

Basically the author just heats up a metal alternative side to “make” the threads, and then melts the pipe into the threads. Make sure you do this in a well vented area as PVC fumes can be toxic.

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Making a power button for an RPi

Some interesting builds for a RPi power button that will trigger the RPi to power down correctly.

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Nice build for a simple knife sharpener with a 3D printed out kit

Instead of trying to sharpen with a stone and getting the angle right, the author designed and shows out to build a jig to sharpen it.

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USB stack for Arduino that allows drag and drop

Basically it lets you treat the arduino like a USB drive to put files onto it. I needed to do this with one of my own projects, so having a simple TinyUSB library to do this is nice.

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A double headed CNC plotter

I got a kick out of this, the author build another CNC out of PVC, this time it can “draw on both sides to make duplicate pictures at the same time. I like how the “z” axis is CDROM drive … Continue reading

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Converting an old trombone into a light fixture

Rather interesting idea, if you have old brass instruments that are no longer usable this could be a nice way to re-purpose them.

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Letter to morse code converter

Using a Micro:bit, the author basically has a lookup table on it to convert a character (select thru the buttons) to its morris code value.

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Interesting adds for a workshop

First jig is to hold material down on a drillpress. Not so sure I would do this one. Second jig is an interesting feather board build with PVC pipe for the “feather”. I do like this build, but I think … Continue reading

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Nice tutorial on getting two Micro:bits to talk to eachother

Pretty simple write up that would be good for school kids.

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