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I see a new way of yard saling in the future

Ebay now can search by picture….I can see it know, yardsalers will take a picture of something to see if its worth anything on ebay, or use it to negotiate a lower price.

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Nice looking table from 2x4s

If I happen across a bunch of 2×4’s, this could be a nice build.  Even if they are old ones you could paint them and then cut and install.

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So print your own Sub?

This will bwe an interesting project to follow.  a 30 foot sub printing out in under a week.  Still needs motors, electronics, etc….

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So, Python, Java and …C, most popular programming languages

I got a kick out of this, Dev’s top chouces are Python, C, and Java.  Employers, its Java, C, Python.  Being a C/C++ and Python dev myself, I guess I am in a good place.

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Another Opensource safe cracker

Looks like these things are getting more and more advanced.  This one can crack a sentry safe in 15 minutes (73 worst case).

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Another ESP8266 wifi jammer

Does a de-auth attack.  Seems pretty simple enough.  I wonder how robust it is . Hackaday Prize Entry: Don’t Build This

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Make a wood tap from screws

I got a kick out of this.  pretty simple build with some standard tools.  Not so sure what I would need to tap wood for (typically just put a nut on the end). Simple Shop-made Taps for Threading Wood

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Make some cement pens

OK pens out of cement.  Interesting build.

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Hey this is a good use for those harbor frieght freebie meters

Make it a dedicated battery tester.  This write up is for coin batteries, but why stop there.

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A simple clamp rack

I have looked at some of the other clamp holder builds, this is pretty much the easiest one yet.  You just get pipe, elbows, and flanges and you have a rack.

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