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Different take on a CNC plotter

Build to look like an odd robot. The good news is the base pieces are PVC pipe and are cheap and easy to come by. Downside, most of the other material used is not. Also wonder if there is a … Continue reading

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clever idea for a board planer

Basically taking a standard hand planer, adding long guide bars to it, and then sliding it along some boards to flatten down a bigger board.

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A robot with pool noodle wheels

Nice build, the author is using a lego robot set and a star shaped pool noodle for the wheels, which gives it some good traction, and allows it to float.

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Pool beverage delivery system

Bit of an old article, but still can be made today, basically its a boat that you can RC control to deliver food and drinks to swimmers. For some reason I was looking into this stuff this weekend.

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Neat hot wire CNC

Its a neat build that looks like an Ender3 base. I like how the author has “clamps” built into the base to hold the foam board in.

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Nice 3D printed Hydroponic tower

Nice build. Not so sure I would do it myself, some of the Aerogarden clones are coming down alot in price and maybe an easier setup.

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A pretty serious nerf ball turret

The motors the author uses this are ones you find in higher end RC cars. Its a clever build and seems to shoot an move pretty fast.

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Odd circular saw guide

Its an interesting build. I am not so sure I would have done the hinge bit, I like the ability to clamp the guide down thought. Mye, I would have done a thin sheet that the saw traveled on, and … Continue reading

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Pocket Hole Clamp

I saw this and put it on my list of things to build. Why? Well I have used a pocket hole jig in the past and I like it, but I have had problems holding the boards together to screw … Continue reading

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Using zip ties to fix old plastic

Basically you use the zip ties as “glue” with a solder iron or a heat gun to melt it in.

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