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Interesting build for a powder coating tool to paint with

Interesting build to “paint” objects with powder paint.  Me…I think I will stick with spray paint for now. Powder Coating with a Fluidized Bed

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This beats some other wall mounts for RPi’s

I like this build, the author basically puts an electric box in the wall and has all the electronics in there.  Good idea.  But…  Not to thrilled with the wiring job.  I am pretty sure thats not up to code.  … Continue reading

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A homemade Shapeoko

Interesting build, the author says it cost him roughly $700 in materials.  You can get the same thing for $1200 and alot less work to put it together…so….its a tough call here.  Its a nice build but alot of work.  … Continue reading

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How to waterproof electronics

Interesting article.  One way is with nail polish, another with high temp silocone, third with two part epoxy(potting compound). but may not work the best with heat based circuits. The author does a good job of testing several different methods.  … Continue reading

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Nice tutorial on CNC for beginers

Covers the basics.  Nice overview.

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OnePlus has an app to port to their phone

I have been pretty impressed with OnePlus phones.  Decent phones for the price.  Apparently they now have an app that will have you move from another android phone to one of these with ease.

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Setting up Octoprint on RPi

This is something I have been wanting to do for some time with some of my 3D printers that have custom software interfaces.

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Check this out for a coin pendant

The author basically cuts one out of a coin. I wonder about CNC’ing something like this instead of hand cuts.

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This is a pretty automated joint builder

The author has an app that programs the controller (TI based) to automatically cut the finger joints out.  Its fun to watch the video. Robotic Table Saw Automates Finger Joints

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How to run a brush less harddrive motor

Nice write-up on how to build a controller for these motors.  An arduino is used to control it.

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