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Interesting build for a smartphone connected door lock

Its using a pretty intense servo.  They have a wooden version of the deadbolt to servo device too.  It uses a raspberry pi for the controller.  I wonder why not a RPi Zero instead.  The comm’s is blynk between the … Continue reading

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5 tools (opensource) to monitor java performance

Interesting article, I haven’t done Java work in some time.  But its nice to see there are non-commerical options to see issues with performance in Java.

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build a thermal imaging scanner with low tech materials

The author uses a camera, arduino, a couple of servos, and a cheap temp gun to map out the camera image for thermo signatures.  Its slow, but its pretty nice overall image (the thermo is overlayed onto the camera image). … Continue reading

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Could build for mass producing simple wind turbines for kids

The author put ALOT of work into this one, its a nice video with lots of templates made to make a bunch of wind powered devices for kids to experiment with.  Would I do this…no, way too much work for … Continue reading

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Cool light cube build

I like this build.  Not too difficult to make, thought I think I no use a micro USB connector…maybe a straight USB instead just to make my life easier.  Also I think I would have added a tunnel for the … Continue reading

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Build a thermoformer with vaccum former

Interesting build.  I like the idea, just no so sure I would go so fancy with everything laser cut.  Of course if I had a laser cutter that could handle it…

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Make an electrostatic doubler and generator

This is a pretty neat build.  Good way to teach about static electricity.  The directions stink on how to build it, but pretty much looking at the pictures/video gets a good idea how it works.

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Making your own custom grips for tools

Nice build, the author uses scrap leather (I wonder what other materials we could use here) and a PLA based bottle to sew on the grips.  I may have to save this one for a rainy day.

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How to opt out of person search sites

Good article on how to opt out of sites for personal info on you

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Convert a cheap orbital sander into a vibrating tumbler

And I just sold off my 2nd orbital too…figures.  Nice build where you can use an old, or cheap orbital to act as a lightweight vibrating tumbler.  

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