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Rochester NY is one of the top 20 places to work for STEM?

I had to check the list twice.  Rochester NY is #19.  How I am not sure…maybe cause of the medical field?

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Nice coffee table build to RPi Arcade

Only thing that is a little different is the use of a VESA mount to attach the Monitor.  Me…I would build it into the table.

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Nice looking chisel shelf

Nice looking build.  I like the overall build..not su sure I would make it this fancy thought.

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Build a cheap Pneumatic Cylinder

Not sure what the author was using these for.  But a nice build.  This one looks like a double action based one?  Unfortunately they do not have a video of it in action.

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Arduino Controlled PWM fans to cool a PC rack

Actually I was looking at this build for some other cooling needs myself.  Not so much a computer rack.  I have lots of “fans” around from PC’s I have stripped over the years from the side of the road.  Always … Continue reading

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Mini Router table

Nice build where the author took the side plate for a router and basically used it to mount to a table.  I was looking at this and thinking…gee I could do something like this but just use the rods to … Continue reading

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Nice video on what to look for issues with a used bike (bicycle).

Good video on what to look for with a used bike that could be issues.

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Simple solar follower

This could be a good project for kids, building a simple solar tracker with a small cell.

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How to setup a minecraft server at home

Nice article on how to do it on your own at home.  Downside maybe the power it uses up.  So a hosted site (around $10 a month) maybe a cheaper option. How to Run a Simple Local Minecraft Server (With … Continue reading

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Some simple floating shelves

Author says its about $7 per shelf.  I think its closer to $10 in NY.

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