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Nice build for demoing super capacitors

The video is pretty neat.  The author basically uses a handcrank generator to charge up 8(?) super capacitors.  That is used to replace a battery to crank a car up. Hand Cranked Generator Charges Supercaps, Starts Car   details here: … Continue reading

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Countable sounds like a nice app to keep track of elected folks

This seems like an easier way than reading articles all the time too keep track of what my local politicians are doing.

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Adafruit has a $15 board for making RetroPi’s

If you want to convert an Raspberry Pi into an arcade, Adafruit has a board called the Arcade Bonnet for $15.  Of course you have to buy your own joysticks, buttons, speakers…etc etc etc.  Oh and of course there is … Continue reading

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Nice alternative to Nixie Tubes

Another nice alternative to Nixie Displays for numbers.  I’m waiting for the kickstarter myself. Smoothly Modernized Nixie Display

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Make a cool lego cart

I love IKEA hacks.  This one takes a shelving unit, buts wheels and baskets on it for legos.

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Nice build for a Syringe Pump

I like the overall build on this project.  One thing I might do different is maybe cheaper steppers. 3D parts here

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Adding free stations to Roku

Did not know some of the “stations” listed in the article. The Best Free Video Channels for Your Roku

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Turn an old RC car antenna to a wire wrap tool

This was too funny to pass up.  basically the author takes an old antenna, sticks a handle on it and bam…wire wrapper.  

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Make custom inserts for cards

Nice tool you can used to make custom inserts for cards. Original Post here: gDraw here:

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Rochester NY is one of the top 20 places to work for STEM?

I had to check the list twice.  Rochester NY is #19.  How I am not sure…maybe cause of the medical field?

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