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Simple straight edge for router/saw/etc

Nice build overall, I like the addition of the metal ruler on it. And the author uses blanks to size out a fit for a saw etc…

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Leaf blower dust collector

Ok this is a clever build, using many cheap and easy to get parts to make a dust collector and seems to work out.

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Simple Heat set press

This is used to press inserts (like nuts) into plastic. Interesting and cheap build overall.

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Drill to powersaw

I thought this was a funny build, basically taking a hack saw, drill, and making a bandsaw like thing to cut stuff. Would I do this? No…too much work.

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Another nice multi device track saw build

Its a fence that can be self clamped to the board you are cutting. This one allows for a circular saw, jig saw, and router to be used.

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Turning a sewing machine into a scroll saw

The author calls it a jig saw, but its more like a scroll saw to me. Nice build if you don’t want to buy a scroll saw and have an old sewing machine around (seen enough of these at the … Continue reading

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Multipurpose table saw sled

I like this build, but a few things I would add is a tape measure on the top of the backstop, a “stop” for repeat cuts, and a sliding bar on the backstop to add stuff to the sled. Of … Continue reading

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Simple bow sander Author basically takes so strips of plastic and hours them together on a sanding belt.

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Dowel making jig Simple jig to make dowel rods. Cost of wood has been going up alot lately, so this and some other builds could be worth it.

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7 interesting jigs for a tablesaw Well this this case a homebrew table saw. First two (fence and sled) are pretty common or come with saws. The others are some interesting variations.

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