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Nice simple way to make stakes more visible

Basically you are heating it up, dipping it into powdered paint, then heating it a bit more to melt anything left.  Good idea overall.  Looks like it sticks better than regular paint (I typically just spray paint stuff like this). … Continue reading

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Cool build for a drill to make straight down holes

I like this build.  Thought the author did alot of work for the one particular drill to work with the build.  Oh and used a CNC to cut it out.  Oh and there are springs in the build (you just … Continue reading

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Looking for card scanners, download the app

Too funny, the researchers created an app call skimmerscanner to find any card skimmers around.  Bascially it looks like a bluetooth scanner. Seek Out Scammers With Skimmer Scanner

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3D print a simple robot gripper

Nice build with a servo.  Small too.

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Some interesting tool based 3D prints to try

Nice projects.  I like the pocket drill one, only downside is most of these will require a good sized bed (6×6 I would think). 5 Super-Useful 3D Printable Tools You can find the list here

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Make a Ballista

I like this project cause its pretty straight forward of a build.  No fancy “cuts” and this or that to make it.

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Nice article on copyrights

Its gotten alot easier to get a copyright than it used to be.  $35 and an online form now.  Article does a good job explaining copyrights and what you can do.  My 2 cents.  I would stick to the bottom … Continue reading

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Make a sanding saw

This was just worth looking at.  The author build a homemade “saw” that holds sanding paper.  I actually like the build myself.    However I think I would simplify it a bit more.

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Have a spare RPi, setup a game server

It seems the game server setup for RPi’s has expanded alot from just minecraft.  Doom and Quake are on the list now.  And another one called Windward sounds interesting ($10 a whack thought).  FreeCiv might be a good one to … Continue reading

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Interesting build to help stroke folks recover

Basically its a robotic physically therapy machine for the hand.  I wonder if you could use it for other things, like, muscle memory for playing a song on a piano. Hackaday Prize Entry: Post Stroke Spasticity Rehab Helper

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