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Nice build for a built in stop block on a cross cut slet

I hate to say it but my cross cut sled is pretty basic compared to this one. The author does a nice job on the build though for the cross cut sled. I like how it folds all the way … Continue reading

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Nice Caddy Tote Organizer

I haven’t found too many CNC based projects out there that are free. But this one seems like a nice build. Too bad its build for tools, I would like to see it adapted for soda/beer holder.

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Another nice build for wooden bar clamps

Nice build the author did for some simple long wooden based bar clamps. Me…I can get some cheap ones at harbor freight. I think I would do this if I needed a clamp that was well over 4 ft, where … Continue reading

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Use an old tablet for a display on on RPi

Well I think I found a use for some old Amazon Tablets. The author uses VNC or RDP to access the RPi over the network. And act as its display. It sounds like RDP is a better way to go … Continue reading

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Nice ideas for sanding blocks and tools

41 ideas to try. Some I have done myself, but a bunch are ones I plan to add to my own toolset.

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Tank tread bike

Nice build, I got a kick out of the author used an old tire for the tread. The original author has the plans for sale, me…there is a lot of work into thsi build (more than I would do).

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One Odd CNC

The author build a CNC to cut on large, long, pipes. Cool build, not so sure I would make one…well why I would…maybe for custom totem poles? The author does it for making some interesting seats.

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Convert a cheap $10 quad copter to a paper airplane

The author basically uses the copter parts to power the plane. Nice build overall. A cheaper model can be found here: But its direction cannot be controlled.

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Nice air hockey table build

More work than I would put into one. Looks pretty cool thought.

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Cool spinner build

This spinner takes it to a whole new level. Its fun to watch the dad looking pretty far out for the spinner when it drops.

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