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Nice jig for mutiple tools to cut straight Nice jig that can be used with a jigsaw, circular saw, router to make straight cuts.

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Convert a belt sander to multiple sanding shapes

Nice build where you use the belt sander to drive a larger belt with a shape on it for contoured sanding. My 2 cents, the author built a longer belt for this project, but bigger belts (well if you go … Continue reading

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A python compiler

This looks interesting, it’s a native compiler for python.  I do like writing code in python, but its slow to run compared to C/C++. Not sure how good this is yet thought.

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Nice laser engraver build All from scratch, my 2 cents, I would go with a kit that has open source controller.

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Add a kill count to a flyswatter

I got a kick out of this one, the author added a kill count to a electric fly swatter to get a count of how many bugs he got.  This project uses an arduino under the hood.

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Logic analyzer for RPi

Nice project to convert a Raspberry Pi into a Logic Analyzer, looks like it still has a ways to go, but its a nice start.

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