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Nice write-up on using an image to convert to use on CNC

The whole thing is done with opensource hardware and software too. Two things mentioned that I haven’t tried before are, which can be used to convert SVG to gcode. And cncjs, which is a CAM like software for controlling … Continue reading

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Nice build for a Trebuchet

Nice build for a small Trebuchet you can make with kids. The author includes the SVG file you can use for laser cutting out the parts, or convert to a standard CNC.

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Nicest looking mini CNC yet

This has to be the nices looking one of these mini CNC’s made from CDROM motors I have seen yet. Actually the build doesn’t re-use steppers from CDROMs, but it getting them direct from the net with the case. Kindof … Continue reading

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Make your own anti backlash nuts

Nice idea, but…alot of work. Me…I am torn on this one on buying one vs making my own.

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Simple small cross cut sled

I like this build. I have seen some where they are just an extension to the miter, which hasn’t worked out as well as I would like. And my “big” sled is hard to move around. So this could be … Continue reading

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Software to help make boxes

Nice write up to use the site to generate patterns to CNC out boxes with.

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Candy Cane Build

Nice build. The author used plywood backing and difference sized PVC pipe parts for the LED cones. Not so sure I would go as far as using an addressable LED’s thought for the build (expensive)

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Cool light up sign

I have seen this before where you light up plexiglass and etch it for a pattern.  But this one you only etch the “text box” and then write in your own words with marker.  Not a bad idea.

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Last cut mini trees to make a big one

Nice build, the author came up with a pattern that you can cut out to make mini trees that you can put together to make a big tree.  My 2 cents, I would make some holes in the boards too … Continue reading

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Neat portable wind power build

Pretty simply build, use 2 cloth like vanes and a motor, put it all on a string and attach it to a charger.  I am looking to see if I can find a write up on this one too.

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