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Making a wand

Wow a lot of work to make this one (handle from resin, stick from a block of wood).  Me…I might just buy one for now.

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You can now 3D print your Kwikset keys

Interesting post.  Going to have to follow this project to see if other keys, like newer style car keys, end up here.

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Nice build for a wooden shield

I like how the author put a small angle on the ends of the boards so the shield has a little curve to it.  Nice touch.

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Interesting hack to get a cheap laser CNC to work with LaserWeb

Never heard of LaserWeb (I think its Opensource).  Anyways the author uses it to control a cheap laser engraver he got from china. Convert that Cheap Laser Engraver to 100% Open-Source Toolchain

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Interesting 3D printed machine

Interesting machine.  I am trying to think of what else you could do with this.  The one thing that comes to my mind is making a saw out of it.

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Nice write up on how to create a Minecraft server with RPi

I know I have posted a few of these before.  But this is a nice write up so I thought it worth posting up.  Note I think you can get away with an RPi original here too, not just an … Continue reading

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A 3D printed lab Mixer

Interesting design.  Sounds like it works pretty well too.

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Interesting new Arduino style

This one is interesting, much smaller than existing standard UNO boards, pin out is different too.  Oh and 32-bit ARM.  They add in WiFi or cell too.   Not so sure how well received these will be since the don’t look … Continue reading

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Cool build for a drill to make straight down holes

I like this build.  Thought the author did alot of work for the one particular drill to work with the build.  Oh and used a CNC to cut it out.  Oh and there are springs in the build (you just … Continue reading

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3D print a simple robot gripper

Nice build with a servo.  Small too.

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