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Making a handle for a hacksaw

OK so the author had some hacksaws that apparently had some really cheap handles (plastic) that broke, so instead of buying another hacksaw, he made a new handle from a block of wood. Me…I have an old hacksaw with a … Continue reading

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Nice jig to make large size bowls

This is a pretty neat build, the author made this jig so he could make “drums” and the jig goes on the inside and out to make the circle.

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Adjustable push block for table saw

Nice build, a bit more fancier than what I need. Still a nice build.

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Interesting buggy drawn cart

OK its really driven by the rear wheels, but it looks like the front legs are moving the cart.

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Cool looking clock build

A digital clock that is mostly mechanical. They author is using an ESP to control it too.

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PVC made CNC

Its a plotter/laser engraver build. Overall pretty clever build. Reminds me of the little CNC’s made 10 years ago with iron pipe.

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Make the lady gaga sound active mask

Nice build overall, a bit pricey since it uses several colored, addressable, LED displays. Also could be a bit of weight to wear on ones face. Uses an ATiny for a controller.

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Nice $10 RPi clone comes with a built in display

Pretty neat clone, it has a built in display and is like a RPI Pico. The issue I have with clones like this is support can be a bit spotty, and not very long term.

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An arduino powered haunted pumpkin

The author made this build pretty simple to do, the arduino controls some LEDS and a speaker, and gets input from what I think is an IR distance sensor, but I bet this could be adapted to Ultrasound. Once someone … Continue reading

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Nice Robot gripper

This one uses belts to pull and grip objects.

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