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Don’t hard code WiFi Credentials with ESP8266, use WiFiManager

Nice tutorial for how to use WiFiManager to dynamically set wifi credentials for your ESP8266.  Of course I am a bit worried how “secure” this is.

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A simple Pocket Hole Jig

One thing that has annoyed me is how much Kreg Pocket hole jigs cost.  Its not much too them but $40 is alot to swallow.  There are clones, but I believe they are trying to avoid a patent so they … Continue reading

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Pop up dog benches

Basically cut some grooves into a dowel rod and use a rubber band to hold it down and pop it up when needed.

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Another Hydrogen Generator build

This one is out of PVC pipe and looks like a rocket.  The plates build the author does is interesting..

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Build a water pump that uses cordless drill batteries

Nice build.  At first I assumed this was built with 3D printed parts.  Nope, PVC pipe instead.  Looks really nice.

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Convert a cheap digital rain monitor into a high end one

The author took a cheap rain measurer and modified it so an arduino could read the data and send it to a controller.  Of course I don’t think I would be lucky enough to find one of these for 43 … Continue reading

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How to enable developer mode in Roku

I have a few of these boxes, so this could be useful in the future. How to Enable Developer Mode and Sideload Roku Apps  

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Simple tachometer with an arduino

Tachometers measure the speed of a revolving object.  This is a pretty simple design with IR

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Make a simple WiFi Jammer with ESP8266

I could see these being built with a battery and tossed into a site.

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Simple small weather station with ESP8266

Oh and cheap too…But not as cheap as an RPi Zero.  Lately I have been thinking more and more about switching completely over from arduino to just RPis.  The price point is pretty close and for what you get from … Continue reading

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