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Nice coffee table build to RPi Arcade

Only thing that is a little different is the use of a VESA mount to attach the Monitor.  Me…I would build it into the table.

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Arduino Controlled PWM fans to cool a PC rack

Actually I was looking at this build for some other cooling needs myself.  Not so much a computer rack.  I have lots of “fans” around from PC’s I have stripped over the years from the side of the road.  Always … Continue reading

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Some simple floating shelves

Author says its about $7 per shelf.  I think its closer to $10 in NY.

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Convert your CT scan into a 3D print

Pretty nice write-up.  Next time I get a CT Scan I’ll have to try this out.

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CNC a Nail Stamp Plate

Very clever build.  The author used a CNC to make small templates to paint nails with.

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HashID, interesting python tool to ID hashes

This is an interesting tool that you can use to figure what time of hashes are used.  This can come in handing not just with hacking/pen testing, but with development as well as you may deal with different things that … Continue reading

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Interesting alternative for the CDROM CNC build

The author has one axis move the table of the object in x direction, and the top is the y axis.  Clever idea.  

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Convert a GRBL with arduino CNC v3 Shield to use a servo for the Z axis

So you built one of the CDROM CNC’s and have a CNCv3 shield instead of a cobbled together setup.  The author goes over how to tweak it so you can use a servo in the z axis over a stepper. … Continue reading

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Wow this is a fancy skittle sorter

This is a pretty fancy looknig sorter, impressive too (fast as well).  Uses 2 atiny’s to control it.  Would I build one…no way too much work involved in this build.  Still a nice build overall. M&Ms and Skittles Sorting Machine … Continue reading

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Using arduinos to modify Amazon Dash

Nice article that has lots of pointers for how to get started with modifying amazon dash buttons. Dash With Arduino Nice reverse engineering video here 33C3: Hunz Deconstructs the Amazon Dash Button

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