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Neat analog clock build

Neat build, author is using an arduino nano for the controller.

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Nice CNC cut end table

Nice build, but…you need a full size 8×4 CNC to cut this one out. In other words this is for a pro shop. Or maybe a makerspace

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Make a mini pocket pump

Nice build, pretty simple one too. This could be expanded upon for maybe a powered squirt gun. Thought I don’t know if it would have enough pressure behind it.

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Interesting kit to make a POV

Call the jolliPOV. It uses an arduino nano for the controller. You can shake it yourself for the words, or attack it to a motor. The kit is $16 plus shipping, and does not include the arduino.

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Make a CNC zen garden

I have seen a few other builds like this in the past. Me…the author should next automate the CNC to do patterns.

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Cool plywood riser

Nice build where the author has a laser CNC to cut out all the parts for a shelf.

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Clever tank tread build

The design (that you can 3D print out) uses plastic BB’s as the fastener and bearing for the tread.

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Nice looking CNC plotter from CDROMS

Nice looking plotter build. I was a bit leery about the “cheap” cost of this when I saw a dedicated motor controller board for the arduino. Til I found it on banggood for 3-4 dollars.

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Nice 3D print accessories for your quick clamps

I wonder if they will fit on harbor freight ends too. I bookmarked this one to try a few prints out and see if they do.

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Print out your own Dust Collector

This was too amusing. The author basically designed and 3D printed out a dust collector vacuum. Me…I think I would just make one out of scraps.

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