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Make your own power consumption tester

Interesting build using an ESP to monitor a device for how much power it consumes. Monitor Power Consumption of Low-Power Devices

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Make a mini marshmallow shooter

I like the templates the author provides to print out and make the shooter.  This is more of a sling shot that looks like a crossbow.

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Nothing like a full sized RC car

The author basically put a remote controller into a car and drove it around.  The car cost him $300 and total cost is around 2K for the build

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Build a hidden drawer with a floating shelf

This one is a bit different from other builds where the “hidden part is like a drawer instead of the drop down I have seen in the past with builds like this.

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The giant pepper shaker

This thing is huge.  Its fun to watch the build. Gaze In Awe at Pat’s Giant Pepper Grinder

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Make an air sensor for your snorkel mask

Interesting build.  Guess its to keep you from passing out while swimming.

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Cool 3D chocolate printer

The authors figured out how to speed it up by cooling the chocolate off with water after each layer.

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Make a garden cart

I remember my grandfather having a cart like this.  It was a bit bigger and he bought it.  Looking at the materials its going to be $80 to built this cart.  The “bought” version can be found as low at … Continue reading

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Nice build for an umbrella table

Relatively straight forward build too.

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Cool 3D printed hovercraft

Nice build for a hovercraft, the author must have a decent sized printer to print out at the size the craft is. Single Motor, Single Piece 3D Printed Hovercraft

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