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Build yourself an underwater camera

The author uses an RPi Zero and its camera to build this.  Most of the cost is in the electronics since the rest is PVC pipe.  Its a nice looking build overall.  Author has the costs at $100 An Achievable … Continue reading

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Interesting Lathe build

Its a nice looking build, just not so sure I would have used 3D printed parts with it.  I like the car belt being used too.

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Convert a windshield wiper motor into a servo

Servos are expensive for a motor, so if you need a big one, this is a nice alternative to buying one.  The author uses a windshield motor, pot, an arduino, to build one. Supersize DIY R/C Servos From Windscreen Wipers

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GRBL ported to ESP32

Never really thought about it, the ESP does have more process/capacity than the Arduino UNO, and its wireless, so it makes sense to use.  I will have to look more into this in the future. Grbl Ported to the ESP32 … Continue reading

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Nice arduino robot build

This is a water boat build, it would be a great project to do with kids.

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Interesting swamp cooler

OK this one is pretty funny, its a trash can converted with a filter and a fan.  Nice build overall.  It could be cheaper if the author used something beside aluminum brackets.

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Nice build for light up bike rims

I like the build, the author does a good job on it and making sure you get it on the rim below where the brakes would rub.  I also like the custom 3D printed LED holders.

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Automatic pool filler

Nice and simple build with some PVC pipe and a toilet tank filler. Oh several modifications to this have been to use the Korky Universal Fit Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve (Model # 528MPK), which looks nicer

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making a vortex fountain

OK this was pretty cool build.  I am not 100% sure what is going on to make the build, but it looks nice.

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Cool coffee cup CNC

I like this CNC, you stick it on a coffee cup and it draws  on the cup.  Its still a work in progress.  But seems impressive sofar. Building Hope With The Mug-O-Matic Modular Toy CNC

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