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Nice jig to make dattos and pocket squares

I like this build. Simple and easy to use. One thing I was thinking about for the square cut, maybe extending the arm so it can get support from both sides of the datto frame.

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Interesting jig to add in dowl rod splines

Interesting jig. Its like the pocket hole jig but instead is used to make holes into your corner of your block to stick dowel rods in to secure the corner.

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Another simple 3D printed plotter CNC

This is like the CDROM based CNC’s but…its all 3D printed and is using servos instead of steppers. Its using the ESP for a controller and seems to be doing a pretty good job of it.

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Nice CNC plotter

Nice build for a CNC plotter.

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Cool build for a smart buoy

The build is to measure aspects of the ocean. Its a nice build but not so sure if the average person can make it (the 3D print is pretty big). I wonder if they could switch to using plumping supplies … Continue reading

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Nice little CNC plotter

I like this build. I was doing something similar with CDROM drives, but this is easier and uses servos over steppers.

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POV with a real fan

The author basically build the POV circuit and then took the fan blade off and put it in its place. I would have been more impressed if he kept the fan blade with it.

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3D print a watering rocket

Nice simple build. If you are going on vacation this could be a good way to keep seedlings watered.

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Make a vacuum gripper

Nice build, these grippers use coffee grounds and a vaccum pump to “grab” objects.

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The lathe from scrapes

The author put that it only cost him $3 in stuff he didn’t get from scrapes to build this. Overall its a pretty simple build. Could be good for not just using dremel bits stationary, but also make pens from … Continue reading

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