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Make a laser fighter pointer

Basically this is a sock-n like game build.  I like the build overall since the 3D prints are pretty simple and could be good for automating a laser pointer

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Bending plywood

Actually its multiple layers of vernier in the process that are bent.  Its a cool build but I am not so sure I would do it (bit time consuming).  Maybe if I was making multiple versions. Another write-up here: … Continue reading

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Make a multi colored christmas tree light

Nice build that gives a demo of using an ESP8266 and multi addressable LEDS (WS2812).

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Nice POV display

This could be a nice build to do with kids.  Basically its an arduino nano on a board with 7 LEDS that is spun by a DC motor (separate power on that).  I like the build and it looks pretty … Continue reading

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Cool 3D printed Lathe, but pricey

Nice looking 3D printed lathe, but…you are looking at 300-400 in material costs (just to have the 3D printed parts done is $160 and up).  At that point you can buy a nice used one.

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The lazy light switch

So you don’t want to swap out for a WeMo switch.  This might be the next best thing.  Thought I think I would make a few other mods to it. Light Switch For The Lazy

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Nice thickness planer with a handheld sander

I have seen sanding platforms built in the past with handheld sanders.  But this is the first thickness planer I have seen with one.

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Another interesting woodworking site

Seems to be relatively new site, has some interesting woodworking projects.  

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Make a jig to make dowel rod

Clever build, but….I think I would just get the stuff at home depot

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Apparently Amazon has tossed a ring in for FreeRTOS

Interesting that Amazon is backing FreeRTOS.  I haven’t used the OS myself but it seems pretty lightweight when compared to Linux.  Maybe worth a look if you are building a scaled down system and want AWS support. Amazon FreeRTOS is … Continue reading

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