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Need to dim and overhead LED light?

Interesting build.  They author basically 3D printed an Iris to act as a shade for the LED lights.  It looks pretty impressive.  

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Crypto for the IoT

This is for real embedded system that have very limited memory and CPU.  Bascially its adding AES to the ESP family over MQTT. Practical IoT Cryptography on the Espressif ESP8266

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Pyrasite, inject your code into running python processes

This just…is so bad.  It looks like if you have the same priv’s and the exe’s, you can use this to inject your own code into the running python code. pyrasite – Inject Code Into Running Python Processes

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I forsee folks getting free parking in the future

The author figured out how to sniff some of the garage gates and get them to trip using an 433 MHz OOK module and an arduino.  I see a future here where folks use this to bypass parking garage gates. … Continue reading

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This lounger was made out of 2×4 like materials

This is pretty amazing looking bench.  What really impressed me is the whole thing was originally a bunch of 2×4 and 2xX planks.  The author then used a grinder bit called the “Turboplane” (at $130) to carve out the chair.  … Continue reading

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This plotter is the perfect build for kids

This plotter could not be easier to build.  4 rulers, 2 steppers, and a servo are all you need…oh and ways to bolt the rulers together.  Oh and an arduino and stepper controllers too.

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Make an beer pack with your CNC

Nice build.  If you have a tabletop sized CNC that is.

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HAHAHAHA this is a pretty clever build for cutting bars the same size

The author uses an arduino and a home made encoder to measure the cuts.

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Did you want to use a Vinyl Cutter with Linux?

If so here is a a nice write up on how to use Inkscape with Ubuntu and a Silhoeutte cutter.  Been toying with the idea of getting a cutter for a few years myself. Another write up here … Continue reading

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Ha, simple robot build

This one is pretty impressive build.  With an RPi and some simple motor controllers.

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