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Thats one nice knife holder

I have been thinking of making something like this with all the harddrive magnets I have.  but this looks nice too.  Only downside is that magnet is $20 + shipping.

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A nice looking build recurve bow

Pretty impressive build.  Basically the author uses a block of wood and some PVC pipe.

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Use gmail to send money.

Basically they added integration to Google Wallet (android pay) to gmail.

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Build a ghetto vertical plotter

Too funny, the build works thought.  It may look ghetto, but the parts involved are not cheap.

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Need to make a logo, try these chrome apps

Yeah I know I need one.  These apps may help there… they look simple enough.

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Make you own scented candles

Hum…this looks pretty easy to do, but is it cheaper than buying one? How To Make Homemade Scented Candles

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A cheap and simple sanding drum

The author takes an old PC fan, breaks the blades off, sands it down a bit, then superglues sandpaper to it.  Pretty simple build.

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Need to keep folks from knowing you read the facebook messages…

Us the Unseen API (chrome/android)

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Using a Stirling Engine to power an arduino

I was just looking at one of these engines too on ebay.  I was thinking more for using sunlight, but this is still pretty neat. Ethanol-Powered Arduinos

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Use a sawzall to shake cans of paint

Interesting build.  The author basically took a sawzall that wasn’t working out for him and made a paint shaker out of it with an arduino to control it.  The write up is pretty good.  And if you have a broken … Continue reading

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