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Another nice Tapering Jig

I have been getting into building jigs for my own table saw. I saw this one and added it to my list of jigs to make.

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Make a Halloween sign on Plexiglass without a laser cutter

Nice write up, basically the author talks you thru putting a template on the plexiglass and us a dremel to carve out the design.

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Use the recoil wire from a vaccum

For an extension cord that can auto-wind back up. Why didn’t I think of this before?

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Cool Trebuchet build

I haven’t see this one before. But apparently folks have been building them. Its a cool build to do with kids since it should be a simple build, and very interactive.

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Nice dust collector system

What really caught my eye was the “Duststopper” that went on the Home Depot bucket. I build my own dust collector, but this one seems like a nice add…til I saw the price. This one bit of plastic is $40, … Continue reading

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Make new treads on your shoes

I have seen this done with tires to a degree. Basically if you have a shoe that still has a lot of rubber on its sole, but the tread is worn out, just use a soldering iron to make new … Continue reading

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A really simple box clamp

Basically its a square with a big hole in the middle to put the clamps in. Can’t get any easier than this build. The author takes it a bit more with side panels and a base. But in reality, you … Continue reading

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Another nice homemade lathe

This build is a bit simpler than other ones I have seen and posted on. Not too fancy looking, but does the job.

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Another nice small bench build

This is another nice, simple bench build. The plans could easily be converted to something you put on a CNC and if I figure it out right, can be down in a 1/2 of a sheet of plywood.

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I stumbled on this one by accident. Its an U2F and FIDO2, USB-C based security token. Similar to Yubikey, but the own thing is opensource (hardware and software). I haven’t had a chance to look too much into them yet, … Continue reading

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