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Making JunkRats Tire Weapon

I got a kick out of this build, the author built JunkRat’s (from OverWatch) rip tire weapon. and it kindof works..

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Arduino to read off Analog Dialer

Nice use for an old phone dialer, and convert the values using an arduino. Then you could use that for something else (maybe build up a phone system with the old dialer).

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Interesting review of a cloned D1 Mini Matrix Shield

I had not heard of this board before. Apparently not only does it exist to be used to easily control a Matrix LED light, but the author reviewed a clone of his board from China.

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Making a purge mask

Yes I know, its not Halloween anymore. But this was a nice build out of EL wire. I wish the author drew out the pattern for the holes on the mask. Maybe something for me to do next year.

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Ultrasound to age booze

Interesting experiment where the author uses an ultrasound to age different drinks with oak chips.

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Nice Halloween gravestone build

Using foam insulation. Its a nice build overall, and yes I know Halloween is over, I just didn’t get a chance to post this up in a timely fashion.

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Nice CNC plotter

Only issue is part of it is homemade, but the author is using some rather expensive parts with it (pro couplers, ballbearing rod, etc). So that adds alot to the cost.

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Another dado jig

Another nice build for a dado jig. Simple too.

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Cheap big CNC build

The author did a nice job on the build. Mostly from wood cut to fit. I like the rail build. Oh and his zero in plate.

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Ways to run android apps on Windows

OK I knew about android studio, but Bluestacks is a new one for me.

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