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Make you own scented candles

Hum…this looks pretty easy to do, but is it cheaper than buying one? How To Make Homemade Scented Candles

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A cheap and simple sanding drum

The author takes an old PC fan, breaks the blades off, sands it down a bit, then superglues sandpaper to it.  Pretty simple build.

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Need to keep folks from knowing you read the facebook messages…

Us the Unseen API (chrome/android)

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Using a Stirling Engine to power an arduino

I was just looking at one of these engines too on ebay.  I was thinking more for using sunlight, but this is still pretty neat. Ethanol-Powered Arduinos

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Simple battery level indicator for Arduino

Uses some custom characters, but could be worth adding in to your project so you have an idea as to if you need to charge the device or not.

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Nice cheap adjustable power supply

This looks pretty nice build.  Just needs a back cover thought.  Overall for 30-40 dollars it maybe worthwhile for prototyping. Absolute Power

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Use a sawzall to shake cans of paint

Interesting build.  The author basically took a sawzall that wasn’t working out for him and made a paint shaker out of it with an arduino to control it.  The write up is pretty good.  And if you have a broken … Continue reading

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Need an opensource electronics project, check first

Its like a cross between instructables and thingiverse for electronics.  Mostly mod’s to things like arduinos and RPis for electronics. sample

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Adjustable Wire Foam Cutter with an Arduino

Interesting build, but couldn’t the author done the same thing with the POT being inline instead of using an arduino?  I wonder if the author has other plans for this.

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Cool mallet build

Nice build for a mallet

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