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Simple hack to make a 9 volt to 5 volt converter

Pretty simple hack.  Cheap too

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Interesting Lathe build

Its a nice looking build, just not so sure I would have used 3D printed parts with it.  I like the car belt being used too.

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Convert a windshield wiper motor into a servo

Servos are expensive for a motor, so if you need a big one, this is a nice alternative to buying one.  The author uses a windshield motor, pot, an arduino, to build one. Supersize DIY R/C Servos From Windscreen Wipers

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GRBL ported to ESP32

Never really thought about it, the ESP does have more process/capacity than the Arduino UNO, and its wireless, so it makes sense to use.  I will have to look more into this in the future. Grbl Ported to the ESP32 … Continue reading

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Nice arduino robot build

This is a water boat build, it would be a great project to do with kids.

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Interesting swamp cooler

OK this one is pretty funny, its a trash can converted with a filter and a fan.  Nice build overall.  It could be cheaper if the author used something beside aluminum brackets.

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Nice write up on making a wooden mallet

Could be a good build with scrape hardwoods.

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Nice build for light up bike rims

I like the build, the author does a good job on it and making sure you get it on the rim below where the brakes would rub.  I also like the custom 3D printed LED holders.

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Make a simple battery welder

Nice simple build.  If you have the parts, worth making.  If not…you can get one from China for $50.

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Cool circular saw track

A bit different than other builds, more for making miter cuts on larger pieces of wood.

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