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This is one big Solar Pop Can heater.

OK like wow that’s allot of soda cans.  It sounds like the build does a good job heating things up with the sun.   Not so sure I could get something this big by my family for a build.

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Interesting solar thermal heater build

I stumbled on this build from …over 5 years ago.  I like how the author used flashing to help heat up more surface area.  Not so sure I would go with PEX like he did.  There is another article on … Continue reading

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This is cool build, ESP with e-ink

Low power, checks in for new images every so often.  Nice build overall.  Oh and cheap.  Basically the author is building a display that will get updates once every hour and run on solar power.  I could see something like … Continue reading

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Another use for a larger CNC, make window art

Not so sure I would go this fancy, but I like the idea the author had going here where he added in decor to a plain window. CNC Routing A 12 Foot Wide Piece Of Window Art

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Convert old tee shirts into headbands

Good write-up on how to do it.  I wonder if there is a better way than to “glue” the ends thought.

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Pretty simple water fill tank

Basically its a toilet float.  I looked them up and they are $10, the adapter to hose is another $4.  So for $15-20 you can have a bird bath (or pool) auto filler.

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Make egg shell light candle holders from concrete

The author uses a balloon for the cast and stains the interior for a more vibrant look.

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Looks like Patent Trolls took a hit

This is good news, instead of forcing companies to defend themselves in Texas, they now can do it on there home turf.  Downside, if you are a small time inventor, you just increased your legal costs by alot. Patent trolls … Continue reading

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Make your own giant power bank

OK so this is a little cheaper than buying one.  But….I think in the end I would spend a few bucks and buy it.  Unless I had the materials on hand.  Or needed a custom supply.

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Mint phone service

This sounds like a good alternative to T-Mobile and other cell carriers out there as far as “cost” goes if you own your phone.

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