Simple straight edge for router/saw/etc

Nice build overall, I like the addition of the metal ruler on it. And the author uses blanks to size out a fit for a saw etc…

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Gutter vac for 2 story houses

Nice build for cleaning gutters without needing to get a ladder out. Most “commercial” ones I have seen do not go to 2 story houses well. This one does seem to do the job. Just wonder how much that thing weights in the air (and how hard to handle it).

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Leaf blower dust collector

Ok this is a clever build, using many cheap and easy to get parts to make a dust collector and seems to work out.

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Converting old 3D printers to CNC

Nice idea for light CNC work, not so sure about more intense jobs. The author did the conversion for $30. If you have an old 3D printer you could do this, but keep in mind the motors, drive (belt) may not be built to handle moving a dremel thru an object. Also you may not beable to re-use the controller for the motors in all cases.

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Cool knitting machine

It only makes a french braid. But still pretty clever build.

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Nice Free standing Lamp build

Nice build over all using metal conduit for the “frame”. I like the black paint finish too. Figure this build would run you under $10 each.

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Making an fm jammer

Pretty simple build overall

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Simple Heat set press

This is used to press inserts (like nuts) into plastic. Interesting and cheap build overall.

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Make a portable propane camp fire

One of the mroe crazy builds I have seen, the author basically turns an ammo box into a grill like setup. Clever build overall

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Automatic pill dispenser

Nice idea to dispense and tell you if you have taken your pills or not.

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