Make your won SPirometer

Have asthma?  Want to do your own measurments?  Well you can 3D print your own tool to measure (with some other bits).

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Need a cheaper cloud based backup? Try Amazon Glacier

I have been looking for a replacement for crashplan that is going away for me.  This could be a good alternative.

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Some good hints for milling with a drill press

Nice tips for using a drill press to do light milling.

Tips For Basic Machining on a Drill Press

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Another interest solar power water distiller

I like this build a bit better than others I have seen.  This one you can “stand up” easily.  Downside…still hard to get end result water out.

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Another nice survival stove

bascially the author put a bunch of rolled up cardboard in a can and covered it all in wax to make a giant candle.  Not a bad idea.  Not so sure I would use it in my house thought.

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Nice looking light build

Nice looking build, and doesn’t look too terrible to make either. Could make nice night lights for kids.

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Make a portable cemetery

The author created this for a Halloween decoration set that all could be stored together.  I am looking at it as using a storage container in general that could double as a Halloween (or other holiday) prop.

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Interesting Relay Circuit build

Interesting build.  My 2 cents, you can get these pretty cheap on Ebay pre-made, I think I would go that route for now.  But if you are even cheaper than that, this maybe the way to go, or if you need to make a custom sized board.

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Nice homemade disc sander

I like the build, but…I would put a drill chuck on the end instead.  And I think I would use a wall wart to power it.

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Build a furnace with a weed burner

Not a bad idea, Propane weed burners are like $20 at Harbor Freight (before coupons).  I am not so sure I would go to the extent the author did for building the housing,  But I do like using this for the burner.  Its not as cheap as building one from scratch, but its a bit more safer than using a homebrewed one.

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