Build your own metal detector

Nice build. It seems to work pretty good to. My 2 cents…I think I would just buy a used one myself.

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Another nice crosscut sled

Another nice crosscut sled for a table saw, I like the added in holddowns.

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Interesting article on how criminals use your home address to start scamming you

Scamming, or using your credit, etc etc. All can start with just your home address

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Another good build for your own nano leafs

Another nice build to make your own version of a nanoleaf. Me…I am on the fence on this, the look is cool, but I can’t justify the cost even with building my own.

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Suction cup mount

Nice idea to build with a Harbor Freight Suction cup. Not so sure I would trust it to mount a camera outside a moving car. But it could be useful for mounting light things like cameras around the house or stationary objects.

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make a simple box fan filter

I have seen a few of these builds before, take 4 furnace filters that fit around the box fan (making a 3D box, put the fan on top so it sucks stuff into the box and blows out the top, and presto, a mini HEPA like filter system. Cool build and cheap.

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Neat build to generate electricity

Nice idea on how to build a simple device that uses gravity to convert things to electricity (of course you have to lift up the weight first). Could be a nice school poject.

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Nice jig for mutiple tools to cut straight

Nice jig that can be used with a jigsaw, circular saw, router to make straight cuts.

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Convert a belt sander to multiple sanding shapes

Nice build where you use the belt sander to drive a larger belt with a shape on it for contoured sanding. My 2 cents, the author built a longer belt for this project, but bigger belts (well if you go really big they are expensive) are not that much more, and could be easier to manage.

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A python compiler

This looks interesting, it’s a native compiler for python.  I do like writing code in python, but its slow to run compared to C/C++. Not sure how good this is yet thought.

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