Turn your clock into an infinity mirror clock

Nice build.  The author took a cheap clock, took out the display, added the one way mirror and LEDs to make an infinity light clock.


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Nice portable bandsaw holder

This is a nice build, It turns a portable bandsaw into one that can be a vertical one with a table.  I like how portable the table is too (can attach to a workmate).  Oh there is a board under the workmate that the whole thing screws into.


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Make a bottle cap punch

Not a bad idea.  I had to punch 2 holes in over 200 bottle caps once,  I just went at it with an awl and a board.  This would have been much easier.


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Nice paper holder stand

Basically its an old adjustable lamp with a board on it for a bunch of hold downs and cords.  Nice build overall.


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Make a paper strip cutter

The author made an automated paper strip cutter.  Neat idea if you have alot of strips to make (craft project for large group of kids maybe).

3D Printer Tech Cuts Paper

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Nice conversion for a handheld grinder

I have a few harbor freight grinders I plan to convert to tools like this.  They are so cheap and seem to all be the same size.  So something like this is a nice build for a tablesaw like grinder setup.  I like how the author uses the handle bolt hole to latch the grinder down too.


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How to make a silicon mold for concrete candle stick holders

Pretty neat build.  And now with 3D printers you can make all sorts of shapes.


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Nice build to make RPi’s easier to setup

Basically on first boot the RPI will offer up a wifi connection and a webpage so you can configure it for your network.

Deploying a Turnkey Raspberry Pi System

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Make your shredder super fast

Not sure how long the shredder parts will last in this case, but the author basically put in a stonger motor (100x factor) into an existing home shredder and wow…its fast.


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Great (and cheap) way to add in some outdoor speakers

The author tool some pre-existing speakers and basically put them inside a birdhouse.  Nice build overall.


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