Good idea, add fill into the bottom of a drill press table

This way you can clamp down on the drillpress.  Not sure but it looks like the author caulked the board in to stay in place.

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FontCode, interesting proposal to embed messages in a message

If I read it correctly, the proposal is to tweak the letters in a typed letter to have an embedded message within it.  Its like a form of stenography.  It looks like the authors only have a prototype and write-up on the idea.  Nothing else available.


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Rebuilding an old wheelbarrow

New wheelbarrows can run an easy $100, and thats for one with a shallow plastic tub.  SO sometimes its well worth rebuilding an old strong one.

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Sound proofing a CNC

I like the authors idea but…what about ventalation, metal chips getting in the way, or…lets see hot metal in a wood box….maybe a fire issue?

I agree thought CNC’s are noisy buggers.

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Make some nice light up headphone rests

Nice build.  Not so sure I would go thru the trouble thought.


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Another RPi game console build

Nice build where the author takes older parts and scrape wood to make it.

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Cool paper airplane

The author took a cheap micro drone and converted it to work on a paper airplane.

RC Paper Airplane From Guts Of Quadcopter

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Nice 3D printed tools for chips and resistors

Nice set of tools to bend pins on chips and resistors to fit correctly.

3D Printed Tool Tips to Straighten DIP Chips and Unstraighten Resistors

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Nice build for a variable benchtop power supply

Nice build, even if you did it by hand instead of using a 3D printer for the case.

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Nice arduino POV fan display

The author 3D prints the fan, but most of the build could be done with off the shelf materials too.

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