Don’t hard code WiFi Credentials with ESP8266, use WiFiManager

Nice tutorial for how to use WiFiManager to dynamically set wifi credentials for your ESP8266.  Of course I am a bit worried how “secure” this is.

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A simple tablesaw bed

Pretty easy build.  This is more along the lines of my tools, not fancy,but gets the job done.  Not so sure I would use wood for the slides thought…but if it works…  I like how the author lines up the bottom brace with the blade.

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use the ends of onions to regrow them

In this case it works with Scallions as well as regular onions.

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Make a simple coin gun

Basically a simple slingshot like build.  Good project to do with kids.

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A simple Pocket Hole Jig

One thing that has annoyed me is how much Kreg Pocket hole jigs cost.  Its not much too them but $40 is alot to swallow.  There are clones, but I believe they are trying to avoid a patent so they all stink.  This is a nice simple build that you can do, I would by the drill bit thought.

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A pretty simple and portable Tesla Coil

OK this is a much easier build to do with kids.  I like how he uses nail polish to hold the wire in place.

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Pop up dog benches

Basically cut some grooves into a dowel rod and use a rubber band to hold it down and pop it up when needed.

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Making your own dremel sanders

Nice idea, the “cork” is used to hold the sanding disk.  The disk is a cheap pvc pipe with sandpaper glued on (author used wood glue).  Pretty good idea.

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Take a frig compressor to make a vacuum chamber

OK this is on the list.  I wish I kept my old frig now.  Of course remember to use safety glasses.  Oh and the use of a de-humidifier works as well too.

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Router and table saw angle jig

Pretty simple idea for a jig to make angle cuts or routed paths.  Easy to build too.


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