Nice home made belt sander

Nice looking build. Me, I think I would just buy a portable one and put it on its side.

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Make a laser chaser bot for your dogs

I have thought about doing this myself. Pretty simple build to do but looks like the laser is not too random in its movement. Thought you can change the code to be more random.

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Cool suction bot

Nice build for a suction based robot. Uses a controller called OpenCR (new one for me). Which looks neat, but…costs 180 dollars… So if you are thinking about this build, a RPi and an arduino combo maybe a better approach.

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The poor persons CNC

Or a “ghetto CNC”. Pretty straight forward build with simple materials. Fun to watch (amazed how well it works). I love the nut build he uses for anti backlash nuts.

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Make a cardboard creaser to fold cardboard

Not a bad idea, I usually just score a line with a knife, but this seems like a better idea to make a score (without cutting it). Simple build too.

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Grinder belt build on the cheap

OK this is more along the lines of a build I could do (no welding involved). Its all wood based and pretty simple. Not so sure I would use a drill for the motor thought.×48-71538?homelistings#post128127

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Nice jig to scroll saw build

Nice build the author did (video only).

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A really simple wood vise

Good idea for kids to build a vise, or if you need something custom build.

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Circle making jig for a bandsaw

Interesting build. I have seem similar builds for table saws, but those are more for large circles. This is a way to make smaller ones.

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Cheap Thermal Camera with RPi

Rather simple build once the author figured out how to get the RPi to talk to the camera. The camera is a MLX90640 made by Melexis. but you want the one with a controller board GY-MCU90640. Which runs for $80. Not bad for a simple Thermal camera.

Original Article I read here:

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