Interesting CNC plotter

Interesting build.  It is belt driven and is a basic plotter concept.  The steppers used are pretty cheap kind (which surpised me considering the work that went into this).  But whatever works right?

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Nice Dust Collector

This would be great for small CNC’s with a small shopvac.  Downside…my god it would take forever to print out on a home printer…and god forbid it has a hiccup.  I think there maybe a way to make this with materials at hand.

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Cool simple pressure chamber

Basically add an old inner tube value to the top of a soda bottle.  Good for a pressure chamber at low pressure.  Just keep in mind that too much and the bottle will go boom.

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An updated pipe based CNC build

I haven’t seen someone build a CNC with iron pipe in several years.  The author tool an old design from …gee 2008? where simple iron pipe, rails, motors and threaded rod.

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Make a USB killer

OK this was too funny, the author takes a USB connector and the charge circuitry out of a bug zapper to combine the two to make a USB killer.  Basically a device that will charge up from the USB port on your computer, then release it on the data lines (thus frying your computer).  Why would you do this?  Cause you can?  Maybe the inner spy in you?

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Nice set of videos on how to customize a chef knife

Or any knife.  Its a nice tutorial.

How to Make Your Own Chef’s Knife

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How to run an ESP8255 for a long time on a battery

Nice write up on how to basically use “sleep” to slow down the ESP8255 so that it doesn’t drain a battery like crazy.  This is pretty common with alot of embedded systems where they need to “sleep” between times they are needed so they don’t take the battery out too fast.

How to Run Your ESP8266 for Years on a Battery

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I now know what to do with my leftover spraypaint

The author calls this “hydro dip painting”.  But a quick search turns up this is called marbling.  Either way its a nice looking way to add character to a paint job.  And is an easy setup too.

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Build a tesla coil

Nice build and I like how the author shows it working with a CFL bulb.  It would not be too much of a challenge to build this too.

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Another bottle to string tool

I have seem a similar one of these builds in the past.  But still a nice refresher for me (as to things I want to build).

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