Cool circle maker

This one has a ruler built in. The build is a bit intense, but its a nice tool build in the end.

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Nice copper flower build

I like this build, Not so sure I would “rainbow” it like the author did thought.

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Another LED Pendant

These builds seem to becoming more common. I haven’t really thought of using surface LED’s before since they are difficult to solder. But this does seem like a cool thing to make.

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Make a collet from a bolt

Interesting build. The author basically makes a collet clamp (for like drill bits) from a bit bolt.

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Another nice hold down build

I started looking at doing this myself. Its alot of work to make these custom hold downs so I I looked around and you can buy ones for $5…and they are metal…hum…

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Nice CNC plotter

Nice build for a CNC plotter.

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Cool build for a smart buoy

The build is to measure aspects of the ocean. Its a nice build but not so sure if the average person can make it (the 3D print is pretty big). I wonder if they could switch to using plumping supplies instead.

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A multi head garden watering tool

OK this was a bit of an interesting build. The author basically put 4 shower heads on some PVC to attach to a hose for watering plants quicker. Interesting build.

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Nice sign build

The author uses LED rope wire. Me, this could be a good build for EL wire too.

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Make your own landscape stones

I have to agree with the author, those concrete stones you gate at the hardware store are expensive. The author shows how to make your own (including coloring for the cement). I agree with one of the commenters too that you should switch to silicon or rubber templates for this over the plastic.
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