Nice jig for crown molding

I like this jig, cause I typically try to do it by hand on the miter saw, this would make it a lot easier. One difference I would do, make 2 so there is on on each side.

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3D Router, hand based tool

The author basically made a 3D CNC, but, its all hand controlled. Not a bad idea to get presision slots and cuts without having to go to CAD, then CAM, then setup a CNC. Just alot of work to make.

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Making a lathe chuck

Nice build for a lathe chuck. Not so sure I would put all this effort into one myself.–n65

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Make your own sawhorses from plywood

Interesting build, looks like the author used 3/4 plywood, and nice faced stuff (not cheap stuff). Me….I think you can get 2 of the plastic sawhorses at Harbor Frieght for $15, not as nice looking but cheaper and quicker.

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Interesting CNC build

could be a bit more complicated of a CNC to control, as you need to handle the table spinning. But it does save on number of motors and other parts a standard CNC would use. The write up is not the best so watch the video instead.

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Door holders

This is a nice build for door holders. Why would you need this? Well if you need to shave a door down to size to fit, these stands would be great to use.

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Make an oscillating sander with your drill press

I got a kick out of this one. The author builds the standard drum sander like build for the drill press, but then attaches a motor to the crank for the shaft for the drill press to have it go up and down…me…well it works, and it is cheap…seems a bit overkill.

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This is a death sentence from your spouse if you do it

Clever idea, using the kitchen aid attachment for a disk sander. But…if I did this, yeah I will have to find a new home.

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Scary, but looks like it works wire stripper

I have toyed with wire stripping off and on for years. Once when copper went thru the roof I collected a bunch and made a pretty good penny off it. But stripping it was painful. This tool build looks like a good way to strip wire, thought a little on the dangerous side too. Also I think I would have just used 2 pieces of wood cut into a circle instead of cutting one thick piece, then cutting that in half the long way.

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Amazing lathe and drum sander build

This guy makes everything from wood…well most everything. The drum sander attaches to his homemade lathe.

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