Nice phone charging stand build

Nice build for a phone charging stand to put in the wall

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Make custom foam inserts for your tools

I like this build.  Downside is you need a laser CNC, I think you could do this with a regular CNC as well, just not so sure how well the drill will do with foam.

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Glass Jar Pumpkin

Nice build, surpised the tape comes off OK for the “face” part of the jar.

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Create custom molds for candle sticks

I like this build, the author covers how to make a custom candlestick holder mold with CAD and a 3D printer.  If you are good at CAD (looks like Sketchup he is using), this could be a good way to make some Christmas Presents.

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Build a lightning generator

OK this was cool build.  Take one of those USB lighters and a bunch of caps/diodes.  Interesting build.

Lightning Generator from Electric Lighter

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Cool step stool

Nice build, the author made it so legs come out of the bottom to heighten it as needed.

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Cool little CNC to make boxes with

Neat CNC that is opensource(?) that can be usedto make box joints and such.  Oh it can be used to cut into doors as well so its pretty useful.  Reminds me of a shopbot build from 4 years ago.  Looks like its still a beta tool, so something to keep an eye on.

A CNC Woodworking Tool That Does The Hard Parts


Main site:

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Turn a bike tire into a belt

OK so I have used inner tubes in the past for rubber bands.  I have not thought about turning a tire into a belt thought.  Good idea (and unique).  Not so sure I would use bolts to hold the buckle in, or maybe just rivets so not to rub up against the pants.

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cool foam cutting CNC build

The author calls it a 4 axis CNC, which is kindof right..more 3.5.  Either way its a nice build.

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Nice workbench add ons

The author did a series of add ones for his workbench that are pretty nice.  Of course you need a workbench that is cleared off it do this.

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