Nice hobo CNC

This is pretty interesting build for a CNC, its all metal, well metal scraps, and seems to work pretty well. The author built this with minimum tools as well.

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Another interesting grinder mod

Always amazes me what folks do with grinders. This one the author makes a giant sanding wheel to make grooves with. Me…not so sure I would build this, unless I have a project for it.

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The simplest pocket hole jig yet

I have a few additions to this build. First, maybe use the insides of an altiod tin would work better than to make one. It maybe too small so maybe some other tin. Second, instead of using glue sticks, what about other material that may harden a bit better than the glue sticks for a frame. Either way its a nice build and cheaper in materials than getting the kreg version. Not to mention this version can be modified and customized too.

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Make a metal twister

Another nice build, this one could involve a bit of welding, but I see ways around that. The build is used to make the twists in metal bars so you get that metal banister look.

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Nice 3D print for a biscuit jointer

Nice build that you can print out yourself to make your trim router into a biscuit joiner. But….As the author pointed out, you can pick these up on craigslist for $30 (I found a craftsman one for $30 in my area). And the prints will run you about $35, not including blade, trim router, bearings, rods…

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Simple model airplane controller

with an ESP board. Pretty nice idea. He is using the wifi chip in the ESP to control the motors on the plane

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A nice build for a dremel router base

Nice build, looks nice too. Of course you can buy a dremel base for $30. Won’t look as nice as this one.

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Crazy saw from an angle grinder

I am always amazed at what folks make from these cheap angle grinders. This one is a saw that if its mounted to a pole, could make a killer pole saw to cut down tree branches

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Cool Jig to make thin slices of wood on table saw

Nice build overall. I like the “springs” added in. This would be something I would think of making myself. However I would have done the 2nd version as making the wooden joint seems like alot of work for it.

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Nice build for a bow sander

Nice build overall. Not so sure I would make it thought, since it does seem like alot of work. Especially since Rockler has one for $15.

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