Make molds for metal with Silicone

The author has a pretty detailed video on the steps he took.  Overall is a pretty nice build.  Not so sure where I would get a “pressure chamber” thought to get rid of air bubbles like he did.

Silicone Molds for Stove-Top Metal Casting

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Converting handwritten notes with OCR

I never thought about OneNote being a good OCR (Object Character Recognization) tool.  But apparently it is.  And best part, its free.  Some of the other ones in the article are note.

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Want to learn about AI?

Check out (classes thru Coursera).  Looks pretty intense class too.

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I actually like the design over the story

Interesting story how the author goves over some expenses and issues when building hardware with a short delivery time.  Overall I like the build itself too.

Rushing the Design and Construction of LED Centerpieces

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Turn a Dremel into a simple centrifuge

I am a little leery about a tube slipping out and shattering somewhere.  But overall the concept is pretty good.  Cheap build too.

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Another automated turret build

This one is a bit interesting since it seems to shoot bursts out instead of single shots.  The difference from past ones is no arduino involved (RPi and a hat for motor control), and no laptop to do image processing/etc.

OpenCV Turret Tracks Motion, Busts Airsoft Pellets

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Pretty simple 2D CNC arm

Basically a simple plotter.  This one is a nice build cause you can move it around and it seems to cover a full 8×11 sheet of paper.  Could be worth checking out someday to build myself.  Oh uses an arduino too.

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Nice cable holder build

I like this build, only issue is I do not fully understand how the author attached it to the table, since it looks like its in mid air.

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Convert a Fire Tablet to be more stock Android

Interesting set of tips on how to convert one to be more stock android without killing off athe Amazon extras.

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Make a kid hovercraft

Cute build.  Pretty straight forward as well, just a bit time consuming.

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