How to make a silicon mold for concrete candle stick holders

Pretty neat build.  And now with 3D printers you can make all sorts of shapes.

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Nice build to make RPi’s easier to setup

Basically on first boot the RPI will offer up a wifi connection and a webpage so you can configure it for your network.

Deploying a Turnkey Raspberry Pi System

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Make your shredder super fast

Not sure how long the shredder parts will last in this case, but the author basically put in a stonger motor (100x factor) into an existing home shredder and wow…its fast.

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Great (and cheap) way to add in some outdoor speakers

The author tool some pre-existing speakers and basically put them inside a birdhouse.  Nice build overall.

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Cool clock build

Clock to give you an idea when you have certain activities.

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Make a cheap bike repair stand

Simple and “cheap” build with some iron pipe and an iron pipe clamp.  If you go to Harbor Frieght, you total cost maybe under $20 by the time you are done.  Not bad since most stands go for $100 and up.

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Nice looking fume extractor build

Only thing the author is missing is a slot for a filter.  Anyways if you have a laser cutter, this is a nice build.  It doesn’t look too back to adapt for a router based CNC too.  Oh he does add in a filter at the end as a 3D printed add on.


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A simple robotic chimney sweep

When I first looked at this it was not what I was expecting.  I thought it was a robot hung from a rope that raised/lowered it.  Nope, it crawls along the chimney with 2 brushes.  Me…I would be a bit worried about it getting stuck.

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Make some resin coasters

With the exception of the resin, the cost of this is on the cheap.  Nice looking build too.

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Make a Braille Printer

In addition you can use google text to speech with it.  Pretty neat build overall using parts thought the author bought all the parts (from the looks of it you would think it was scrap material).

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