Opensource security token

Google Opensourced aspects of its Titan keys, so you can now build your own with a $10 (not including shipping) Nordic, nRF52840, Dongle. Looks interesting. I wonder what this will do for companies that build similar tokens but at the $50 range.

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Interesting 3D printed Syringe Pump

Nice build for the syringe based pump. Sofar I haven’t found a project to use for this yet. But who knows.

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Using the head from a cordless drill as an endstock

The title on the video confused me. The author basically is using the head from a cordless drill to be part of the tailstock for a homemade drill based lathe.

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Neat seed planting robot

Nice idea, needs to be a bit more of a robust build. Nice prototype overall.

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Cool LED and water combo sign

I wish the author included a video of it working. It looks cool as the LED shines thru the sign and water runs thru the lettering.

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Nice spindle drum sander build

For using with a drill instead of a drillpress. Author did a bit more work than I would have in making it, but the do look nice. And they still can be put onto the drillpress.

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3D print a brake for your vise

Interesting build for a metal bending brake for your vise. Not so sure I would do this as I don’t know if I would trust it. Also you can buy one for your vise for $40.

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Review of a resin printer

The author did a nice review on a cheap resin printer. The Phrozen Sonic Mini, the review sounds interesting, but I can’t find it anywhere for $200, maybe $300.

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3D printed Dremel CNC

basically its the mounts and axis for a simple 3D printed CNC to use with a dremel. The write up the author does on the CNC build is pretty nice too.

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Interesting video on converting a frig compressor

The author basically bypasses the relay and wires in a switch directly into the compressor to turn it on. Downside, to turn it off you have to cut power to it.

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