Mint phone service

This sounds like a good alternative to T-Mobile and other cell carriers out there as far as “cost” goes if you own your phone.

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Make a box fan

The author took an old exhaust fan and made a pretty nice looking box fan.  I have some old power fans from other projects that would be a good build here.

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Another simple CDROM CNC plotter

Another nice build with an arduino.  The author uses an arduino nano and some L293D chips which keeps the cost down compared to some CNC CDROM builds.  I also like the use of a pen spring to help keep the pen up with the servo.

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Turn an old gift card into a portable weapon

Pretty clever idea.  May help buy you enough time to get out a bad situation.

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Use a vinyl cutter to make circuit boards

OK this is pretty funny, the author uses a vinyl cutter to help make circuit board.  Not a bad idea.

Cameo Cutter Makes SMD Stencils

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Make a remote control snowblower

This is a multi year build.  The author took parts from 2 snowblowers, and electric wheelchair, tossed in an arduino and built this.  I think he says the total cost was around 1200…most in the snowblower/wheelchair bit.  Me…I am tempted….but I think I would go cheaper on the mechanical bits.

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Cool mechanical Iris build

I like this build. Would I do it? ….Maybe, the author posts everything up I would need.  Just the metal working bit might be a challenge for what I have.

Make an Awesome Mechanical Iris

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Wait, I can get to Lynda for free?

Apparently its possible thru your library account (guess what I plan to try).

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Turn a google phone into a google home system

OK so you add a speaker and turn on google now and bam…google home.  But…I think you need to be running a relatively recent version of Android to do this.  I am guessing 5.0 and up?  So if you got a phone that can do this…or maybe something that could be upgraded thru other means…it maybe worth doing.

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Microsoft Joining the rest with Linux and IoT

Microsoft has apparently released code for Linux that will allow for IoT devices to contact Azure based systems.

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