This is one big Solar Pop Can heater.

OK like wow that’s allot of soda cans.  It sounds like the build does a good job heating things up with the sun.   Not so sure I could get something this big by my family for a build.

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Interesting solar thermal heater build

I stumbled on this build from …over 5 years ago.  I like how the author used flashing to help heat up more surface area.  Not so sure I would go with PEX like he did.  There is another article on the site that goes over all the different jigs made to make the wrapper to go around the copper, or pex, pipe.

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This is cool build, ESP with e-ink

Low power, checks in for new images every so often.  Nice build overall.  Oh and cheap.  Basically the author is building a display that will get updates once every hour and run on solar power.  I could see something like this be useful for signs too.  Maybe in stores as well?


Hackaday Prize Entry: WiFi ePaper

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Another use for a larger CNC, make window art

Not so sure I would go this fancy, but I like the idea the author had going here where he added in decor to a plain window.

CNC Routing A 12 Foot Wide Piece Of Window Art

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Convert old tee shirts into headbands

Good write-up on how to do it.  I wonder if there is a better way than to “glue” the ends thought.

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Pretty simple water fill tank

Basically its a toilet float.  I looked them up and they are $10, the adapter to hose is another $4.  So for $15-20 you can have a bird bath (or pool) auto filler.

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Make egg shell light candle holders from concrete

The author uses a balloon for the cast and stains the interior for a more vibrant look.

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Looks like Patent Trolls took a hit

This is good news, instead of forcing companies to defend themselves in Texas, they now can do it on there home turf.  Downside, if you are a small time inventor, you just increased your legal costs by alot.

Patent trolls take it on the chin in new Supreme Court ruling

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Make your own giant power bank

OK so this is a little cheaper than buying one.  But….I think in the end I would spend a few bucks and buy it.  Unless I had the materials on hand.  Or needed a custom supply.

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Mint phone service

This sounds like a good alternative to T-Mobile and other cell carriers out there as far as “cost” goes if you own your phone.

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