Make new treads on your shoes

I have seen this done with tires to a degree. Basically if you have a shoe that still has a lot of rubber on its sole, but the tread is worn out, just use a soldering iron to make new treads. I recommend doing this is a well ventilated area thought.

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A really simple box clamp

Basically its a square with a big hole in the middle to put the clamps in. Can’t get any easier than this build. The author takes it a bit more with side panels and a base. But in reality, you could just do the square.

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Another nice homemade lathe

This build is a bit simpler than other ones I have seen and posted on. Not too fancy looking, but does the job.

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Another nice small bench build

This is another nice, simple bench build. The plans could easily be converted to something you put on a CNC and if I figure it out right, can be down in a 1/2 of a sheet of plywood.
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I stumbled on this one by accident. Its an U2F and FIDO2, USB-C based security token. Similar to Yubikey, but the own thing is opensource (hardware and software). I haven’t had a chance to look too much into them yet, but it sounds promising. They go for $25-40 dollars on the net right now.

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3 sites to Download Virtual Disk Images

I typically download the ISO and make my own image. But this could be a quicker way to get started with an image. I have heard of in the past, but the other two I have not tried out before. The only downside is the images seem to be a bit outdated.

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2 Different Electrolysis builds

The author built 2 different Electrolysis builds to remove rust. One with an old car battery charger, the other from an old PC power supply. Me…I would do the PC power supply (easier to come by). A few other things I would do differently. One is to wire in a switch to the power supply. Second is to use wires that are insulated to connect the iron rods. Call it paranoia, but I don’t want to accidentally get zapped if I can avoid it. I did find it interesting the author used PH increaser for the water instead of salt.

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3D print your press brake

Interesting, the author using PLA 3D printed the template for a press brake to make a bunch of different shaped templates for the press. They seem to work pretty good too.

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Using a can for rivets

Nice idea. Basically you roll up a side of the tin/AL into a pin, then pound the two sides to hold something together that has holes.

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Nice track saw build

Seen a bunch of these over the years, but this one is pretty cheap and simple build compare to most of them. One thing I would do different is instead of lining bar stock up to make the saw track, I would just use a full sized bar. Not so sure I would use the fake plywood stuff too. I do like the T-track he put in the bottom that has special holders for. Or you could switch out for a t-clamp. And the addition of the anti-skid strips to the bottom is a nice touch.

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