DIY camping lantern

I am surprised this isn’t brighter with the # of LED’s the author has.  Basically its two containers, an inner one to hold the battery and wrap the LEDs on, and an outer one to protect it.  Nice build but….I think I could buy something cheaper and with a hook.  And takes standard batteries I could buy at the store.  (figure $5 for the LEDs, $10 for the battery, then a charger ($5)).   But it won’t look at neat as this build.

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Pretty cool and small Hydrogen generator

This is a nice simple build for water to hydrogen converter.  With the exception of using razor blades, would be a good kid project.   Only which the author did steps written out instead of a video.



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Make your own plastic grinder

Neat build for a grinder for plastic to pellets (for 3D printing.  But….I would do the planer approach (much easier) and it took the author 40+ hours to build this one.

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Make a nice backpack organizer insert

Cool build with elastic band and a al. sheet with holes in it (where heck you get that I don’t know).  My 2 cents, I would put something around the edges of the board to keep it from ripping the bag.  Or maybe go cheaper and use pegboard?

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Cool plywood hot wire foam cutter with CNC

Pretty much the Instructable includes the files you need to print the frame out with your CNC.  Its a nice looking build and worth doing.

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Nice storage rack for shovels on wheels

Now the author built this to be a swing out shelf for the shovels.  I am thinking it would be better to use 4 casters and have it fully portable.

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Simple way to get an ESP8266 on a breadboard

Almost fell over on this one.  The author basically takes a pair of IDE 2.5 to 3.5 adapters and puts a row of headers on the top to “mount” the board to.

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Possible upgrading Homebrewed CNC

So I have been thinking of making some changes to my CNC.  Right now its controlled thru a parallel port board via an Ubuntu 10 box with LinuxCNC on it (have to use 10 due to realtime issues in newer stuff).  I have been wanting to look at using a Raspberry Pi with arduino instead.  Arduino would run with GRBL.  And the RPi would feed it via one of the GUI’s (some listed in link below), bCNC being the leader for me right now.  Its a work in progress and I am not sure when I will start/finish this one.

GrBL is here

bCNC here:

Nice little write-up on interfaces for GrBL here


Oh I have been looking at EstlCAM as a possible new gcode generator.  One of the issues I have been going thru is getting huge or bad gcode.


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Build a coil gun

This is a simple (and not going to kill you) build for getting the concepts of a coil gun down.  Could be fun to build with kids.

Coil Gun for Newbies: Learning Electromagnetic Propulsion

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Interests look at results of informal CNC software survey

Interesting look at what folks are using for CNC software.  Mach3 still rules overall.  But what is interesting is how LinuxCNC (and some versions of it commercialized) is gaining a bit over the past few years.  Also interesting is how GRBL (arduino) is making a showing now.

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