Nice article on a bunch of opensource IoT projects

And Standards too.  Worth reading

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Extension of article using PageKite with RPi

Nice extension of the last article on doing this work.  This time more details on using PageKite.

How to Run a Pagekite Server to Expose Your Raspberry Pi

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Another nice simple Sheet Metal Brake

This beats my method of putting the bar on a vise and banging it to the angle I want.  The best part is the entire build is weld free…So you don’t need to weld the parts together.

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Nice way to build a motorized microscope

I like this build.  It uses a CDROM drive that isn’t a stepper to move the scope up and down.  My 2 cents, I would repurpose an old microscope here and also add in one for switching lenses.

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Simple Arduino Servo Controller.

So if you have 4 servo based CNC and need to add some button/LED to it to control it, this would be a project for you.

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Hacking a EcoPlug

I got a kick out of this one, the author found that the EcoPlug uses ESP8266 modules in them.  So he replaced the firmware and now the device has alot more ability than it originally did.  This reminds me of when folks first started doing openWRT on routers.

Finding ESP8266 Inside Big-Box Store IoT Plugs

More info here

Note they are referenced being in Home Depot in Canada, I haven’t seen these in US based ones yet.

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Way to get your RPi accessable from remote

Interesting article, the author uses a VPN based on a service called Pagekite.  Looks pretty good and cheap.

Expose your Raspberry Pi on Any Network

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Use EL Wire to make a Neon Sign

Nice build, pretty realistic too without the Neon bit.  The author uses Plastic Tubing (that he frosted inside) to make what looks like a Neon Sign.  Black electric tape and heat shrink tube is used for the ends.

Forge Your Own Neon Signs With EL Wire

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DIY simple dog toy

OK maybe for other dogs, i can see my dogs demolishing this thing.  Basically its a soda bottle on a rod with dog treats in it.  Pretty funny to watch the dog spin it around.  My dogs would most likely chew out the treats.  Or rip the bottle off.


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Make a simple DC Step Down Converter

Pretty simple circuit for a step down (adjustable) converter for DC to DC.  This could be handy for circuits that need 3.3 and some that need 5 volts.  I am suprised the LM2576 used in this doesn’t have a heatsink on it.

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