Build your own High Voltage Generator

Nice idea, the author needed something that could do high (100V) voltage but with a low current.  I am pretty impressed he did this with a battery no less.

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Drawbot with RPi only

I like this build over ones from years past, looks like $100 in materials?  Its come a long way and now it does not even need an arduino to control the motors, instead everything goes thru a RPi Zero.

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Make some soft vise clamp pads

Use one of those giant rubber erasers from the dollar store.  Good idea but I would like to see a better way to get it to hold into the vise.

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Nice Jig to sharpen planer blades

OK if you can sharpen something on a grinder it is way more faster than by hand.  But…you can screw things up faster too.  The author made a nice and simple jig to use with a tabletop grinder to do the job.

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Make a pumpkin pallet display

Cool build.

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Make a simple Brushless DC motor

Good way to teach kids motors using some cheap materials.

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Make a solar balloon..or buy one for $20

This is pretty cool build, the author uses garbage bags but apparently you can get a kit now these days to do it.  Me…I think I would buy the kit.


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A nice etch a sketch build

I like this build, the author with 2 steppers, an RPi, build this to draw pictures on an etch-a-sketch, could be a good way to into for kids into CNC or robotics.

Bot Makes Etch A Sketch Art In One Continuous Line

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Cool LED helmet build

And alot of work, not just the helmet, but soldering all those LED’s in.

Gaze Upon This Daft Punk Helmet’s Rows of Utterly Perfect Hand-Soldered LEDs

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Interesting Video on the scams of Carnival Games

Good video on what to avoid.

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