This just shows why home loom robots don’t exist yet

This is an OMG this is a complicated build and very picky. Shows why folks don’t have CNC like looms for clothing yet (well on the cheap hobby scale).

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Well this is one way to make money with a 3d printer

I first heard about someone in Texas doing this, but apparently someone in NY (Utica) did it too and walked away with 21K in giftcards (500 dollars per gun). Most of the prints where just receivers or parts, so surpised they could get away with this. I wonder if he had to pay taxes? Since the exchange is suppose to be anonymous…

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Cheap drag knife for CNC

This is a simple cheap build for a drag knife for a CNC, seems to work well with simple CNC’s.

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Nice Small (and cheap) LED Spotlights

Nice build, the author used PVC pipe for the holders, the wire is speaker wire, the Eagle Eye LED’s you can get for a buck each in lots of 10. The power supply is a bit much, me…I think I would get the power from a pre-existing source.

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Build your own metal detector

Nice build. It seems to work pretty good to. My 2 cents…I think I would just buy a used one myself.

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Another nice crosscut sled

Another nice crosscut sled for a table saw, I like the added in holddowns.

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Interesting article on how criminals use your home address to start scamming you

Scamming, or using your credit, etc etc. All can start with just your home address

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Another good build for your own nano leafs

Another nice build to make your own version of a nanoleaf. Me…I am on the fence on this, the look is cool, but I can’t justify the cost even with building my own.

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Suction cup mount

Nice idea to build with a Harbor Freight Suction cup. Not so sure I would trust it to mount a camera outside a moving car. But it could be useful for mounting light things like cameras around the house or stationary objects.

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make a simple box fan filter

I have seen a few of these builds before, take 4 furnace filters that fit around the box fan (making a 3D box, put the fan on top so it sucks stuff into the box and blows out the top, and presto, a mini HEPA like filter system. Cool build and cheap.

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