Nice hammer mod

But I am not so sure I would do it…well maybe with a Harbor Frieght hammer (cheap). Reason being is I am a bit worried the one deep cut in the hammer could compromise it if I really “nail” something in hard. I have seen hammers for sale that have this sort of setup already too.

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The lathe from scrapes

The author put that it only cost him $3 in stuff he didn’t get from scrapes to build this. Overall its a pretty simple build. Could be good for not just using dremel bits stationary, but also make pens from blanks. I like how he used a table saw to make slots.

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Nice groove making jig

Its used to make grooves in the edges of a board. When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what it was, til the example in the beginning of the video then it made sense.

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Another nice tumbler build

Nice build. Its all in the video so you have to watch it to see the build vs read. But author goes into a lot of details. Including some failures along the way.

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Portify your tools that need bases

I have done something a bit more fancier than this for portifying some of my tools. Overall nice build.

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Build a slingshot from scratch

Nice write up on building one. Only downside is the author has a full woodworking shop which makes life easier.

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Bench grinder to belt sander

I like this build, and the author has some improvements at the bottom. Only issues I see is keeping the belt in line so it doesn’t slip off, and I think it would work better upright than on its side. Oh not so sure about the build being done in under an hour

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Tool to use your Drillpress as a Tapping Fixture

OK I admit I have done this mostly by hand, but putting a handle on the chuck of the drillpress is a good idea to make a manual turner for tapping a hole. Just make sure you unplug the drillpress first, just in case.

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Nice build for hold down clamps

The author built them by hand. Me…I could see converting this to a CNC.

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Make your own bandsaw

Nice project but…I think I would buy one myself off craigslist. Seems like alot of work.

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