RPi to Text tool

Nice build, Only thing I wish it could flip pages too.

DIY Text-to-Speech with Raspberry Pi

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Adding in threads to wood

Nothing odd with the write up at first, you drill a slightly smaller hole, then thread the bolt thru it to create threads.  But the author then adds a small amount of superglue (non gel kind) to the threads to help solidify them.  Not a bad idea.


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Use QuickRemote to connect Roku to Google Home

I have not heard of QuickRemote app before.  Apparently you can use it to tie into your Roku to control it via voice.  The reviews on Android are mixed so not sure if this is a good solution yet.




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Make a super small function generator

I got a kick out of this one.  Could be useful for a small portable development unit.

Tiny Function Generator on the ATtiny85, Complete with OLED

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Nice write up on using OctoPrint

OctoPrint has been on my radar for some time, I am still using the proprietary software with the printer I have, but constantly been meaning to switch.

Controlling OctoPrint on the Go

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An open source annoyatron

I remember years ago you could buy these buzzers that randomly buzzed to annoy folks.  It seems that an opensource project now exists for a device like this called OpenKobold.  Uses a PIC processor for the noise and timing.

Love Open Source but Hate People? Get OpenKobold

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Nice clamp build to hold a board upright

Nice build and pretty easy to make too.  Basically the wedge is used to tap in and hold the board, and then you can work on the board in an up-right manner.


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Nice slide for a table saw to make dowel rods

Pretty nice build.  You can use a crappier blade to do this too.  My 2 cents, I think I would have built a handle of sorts for the drill just to keep risk of my hand, or drill from getting in a bad spot.


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Automated spray bottle

Now you can buy something like this call ssscat, which is around $20-30.  But this is much more fun and refillable.

No, Cat, This Is Not The Litter Box

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Simple pegboard jig

Pretty neat idea, you can then make custom pegboards.  I like how the author uses nylon spacers as ways to line up the drill and its replaceable when needed.


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