Build your own mini tank

Out of a wheelchair initially.  Nice build and was alot of work from the looks of it.

On The Right Tracks: Electric Wheelchair Guts Find New Life As Tank

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A simple Dado Jig

Pretty simple jig, nice looking too.

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Nice concrete night light

I really should try some of these builds.  I have lots of extra LEDs, some scrap plexiglass (small pieces), and a bit of concrete or wood to use up.

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Using an xbox controller to control an CNC

Nice idea.  Pretty simple setup too.

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Nice write-up on adding a panel to a grinder to make it into a table saw and circular saw combo

Author only did it in a PDF file for directions for some reason.

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Cool heart build

Nice idea to build out of scrap branches.  FYI its all held together with wood glue.

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Convert a lighter to be an extension fire starter

Nice build on converting a lighter to use a plugger to start flame from a bit farther away (and not burn yourself).


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Simple TV remote jammer

No CPU needed, just a simple circuit that pretty much floods IR.

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Simple bottle light without cutting

Well cutting glass.  I like this build, not only is it pretty simple, but you could swap out for different bottles too.

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Make a sandblasting cabinet

Pretty straight forward build for a simple small blasting cabinet.  Beats going outside to do this all the time and making a big mess. Figure about $40 for the build, which is cheaper than a bought version ($110 for a desktop one).

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