Have a spare RPi, setup a game server

It seems the game server setup for RPi’s has expanded alot from just minecraft.  Doom and Quake are on the list now.  And another one called Windward sounds interesting ($10 a whack thought).  FreeCiv might be a good one to do too.


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Interesting build to help stroke folks recover

Basically its a robotic physically therapy machine for the hand.  I wonder if you could use it for other things, like, muscle memory for playing a song on a piano.

Hackaday Prize Entry: Post Stroke Spasticity Rehab Helper

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Another simple beer carrier build

Well…simple but can be time consuming to make.  I still have this on a list to CNC someday.


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Interesting article on C

Its interesting cause as the author points out,  Its the basis for many other languages.  Also the one part I preach to recruiters alot is if you know C, you can learn most of the other languages.  But going from those languages to C is horrible.


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Build a night light on the fly

OK everything I can see getting at a store to make this BUT and LED.  Nice build for a night light overall thought.  But if I am going to the store…I could just get a cheap flashlight and stick that in the jar instead.

Need a Night-Light?

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Nice build for stackable painting pyramids

I have seen the screw in a board trick before. But putting a second hole so you can stack them all together is nice way to store them.  My 2 cents, maybe 2 more holes so you could “hang” the stack?


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Interesting sander tool

I like the tool, but…how did he bend it (maybe used the steamer build?)?


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Is it a foot stool or a toolbox

Interesting build to make it “both”.  Not so sure I would put the handhold on the bottom, I would be afraid of stuff falling out in toolbox mode.


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This is an interest spot welder

Not so sure I would hold the things like he does to do the welds.

A Battery-Tab Welder with Real Control Issues

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Nice outfeed for a Dewalt tablesaw

I am pretty sure you can apply this to other saws as well.  I was looking at outfeeds or rollers to use with a tablesaw, and…well…it can get pricey (some cases more than the saw).  Note if you are looking for the plans, they are moved (in the comments now).


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