Work from home tools

Interesting article on some web based tools to help with working from home.  I like the one workfrom, that shows places nearby you can escape to to get work done.

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Make a glowstick wheel

Pretty nice build.  They author built these for a concert, me….I could see other uses for them.  I am not so sure about using a PVC pipe and flattening it down for a sheet.  I think you can get a sheet pretty cheap to cut to size.


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Make a simple sign post

Basically use an old tent pole, zip ties, and cardboard.

Use Tent Poles for a Collapsible Demonstration Sign

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Girlscouts get a hacker badge…well a bunch of them

Don’t know the details behind them, but it sounds interesting.

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Make your own Cup Dispenser

Not a bad idea, its a PVC tube with bolt/grommet at the bottom to hold the cups in.

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Need to dim and overhead LED light?

Interesting build.  They author basically 3D printed an Iris to act as a shade for the LED lights.  It looks pretty impressive.


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This video shows that sometimes its not worth making those gizmos

In this case it was a cork bathmat.  The author shows that these things are not as easy as you thing (or cheap).

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Crypto for the IoT

This is for real embedded system that have very limited memory and CPU.  Bascially its adding AES to the ESP family over MQTT.

Practical IoT Cryptography on the Espressif ESP8266

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Turn old brass instruments into lamps

Nice idea…I feel a tuba build coming on.

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Pyrasite, inject your code into running python processes

This just…is so bad.  It looks like if you have the same priv’s and the exe’s, you can use this to inject your own code into the running python code.

pyrasite – Inject Code Into Running Python Processes

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