Cool bike wheel rack

Nice way to get a bunch of bike wheels out of the way

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Apparently you can buy the master keys for several car boot manufacturers.

Or at least for all the ones you will find in Alanta, GA. Apparently there are “private” firms that will put these on along with law enforcement, in some cases in a racket (illegal). So someone took the time to figure out/get the master key for several of these vendors, and you can buy them all for 150$.

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Nice dual axis robot for camera/laser pointer

Nice build that you can 3D print out for a camera/laser pointer/etc robot build with an arduino controller. Could also be used for a water gun.

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Convert a Yubikey to a hacking tool

Interesting idea to do with old yubikeys, my 2 cents, the rubber ducky is not too much, I would just buy that.

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3D printed Hydroponic Garden

Nice build but…OMG this would take me forever to print everything out. Nice part is it is expandable, so I guess I could build one row first, and then add one new ones as I get them printed out.

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Interesting file encrypt/hidding tool

Name Horcrux must be based off Harry Potter, and like the book, the file is split into xx different encrypted(?) files, that you need all of them to get the original message back. Author says to hide each file in a USB key somewhere. Could make a nice way to hide a key that requires a bunch of folks to come together to decrypt everything.

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RPi’s used to hack ATMs

Not much details on how it was done. Or the Raspberry Pi build.

My 2 cents, it most likely was a RPi with a battery, and it was used to access a debug or service port on the ATM. And that interface wasn’t secure and allowed the folks to unlock the ATM. RPi could have been running Kali with scripts already installed looking for a USB connection to xxx on the ATM and do the unlock automatically. Will have to keep an eye out on the details for this in the future.

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Use a RPi Pico to interface a JTAG connection

Well beats buying a custom cable for the job. This allows the RPi Pico to basically convert to/from JTAG to USB. Nice idea.

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Angle Grinder belt sander build

I have seen a bunch of these builds over time, but what I like about this one is it involves no welding. Still a bit complicated for a build.

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Adding a 5th axis to a CNC

Nice build add on to the authors Homebuilt CNC. I like how he keeps improving it too

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