Nice write up on making knobs

Only part that adds a bit complexity to this is cutting the t-nut to allow for screws to be placed in to hold them in. Me…I superglue them in.

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Homemade apple cider press and grinder

Nice build, bit more work than I would take on (unless I had apple trees).

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Turn a drill bit into a Scribe

Good idea for old drill bits that have outlived their use. However…you can pick one up pretty cheap at Harbor Freight, so this is more of a project of love than anything else

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Convert a Scion xB into a camper

I had one of these cars and they can take a beating, and for a small car, pretty roomy. So this is a nice build if you are young and need a cheap camper like car.

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Using 2 relays to control a motor

A D/C Motor that is. Interesting build especially for higher power DC motors.

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I want one of these sorting machines

Its fun to watch the video. Basically a light from the bottom lights up the parts for a camera to take a pic of and figure out what is what in shapes, then it picks them up and puts each type into different bins.

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Nice write up on tricks and tips for setting up a 3D printer

In this case its for the chinese Ender printer. But can apply to alot of other 3D Printers out there as well.

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Turn and old metal saw into a plastic cutter

I got a kick out of this one. The one thing that worries me is the one end of the line for voltage is pretty much exposed and near the handle where your hand would go. And get zapped. Besides that, nice build

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Simple Cart Build

Nice and simple cart built for about $40 a cart. Me…I use IKEA like furniture to build carts myself, or stuff off the side of the road. Oh you could go even cheaper with standard plywood.

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Make your own spring loaded t-nuts

Nice idea, but…I don’t know if I would go as far as make my own spring, but just pull one out from the bin I have.

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