Make a vise metal brake

I like this build, but I don’t have a welder so I may have to come up with an alternative.

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Add a harbor freight caliper to your drill press

Not a bad idea, the digital calipers are $10 or less and its a nice way to add a readout onto the drill press.  Downside, the batteries on them wear out fast, so you may need to add in an on/off switch too.

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Great, now you can annoy the whole family with Pikachi

Apparently you can change Google Home or Alexia to use Pikachu voice now.

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Guide to Makerspaces in Rochester NY

I have not personally been to any of these yet.

Maker’s Guide to Rochester, New York

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Nice thickness planer with a handheld sander

I have seen sanding platforms built in the past with handheld sanders.  But this is the first thickness planer I have seen with one.

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Another interesting woodworking site

Seems to be relatively new site, has some interesting woodworking projects.


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A paper log maker

I wish the author had a little more detail on how this was built.  Its a clever build to turn paper into logs.  Given you need to wait for them to dry.

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Who says kids don’t tinker

Actually this is a bit scary of a build.  Seems to work thought.

3D Print Yourself A Flame Thrower

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Make a jig to make dowel rod

Clever build, but….I think I would just get the stuff at home depot

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Apparently Amazon has tossed a ring in for FreeRTOS

Interesting that Amazon is backing FreeRTOS.  I haven’t used the OS myself but it seems pretty lightweight when compared to Linux.  Maybe worth a look if you are building a scaled down system and want AWS support.

Amazon FreeRTOS is a new operating system for microcontroller-based IoT devices

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