Card Reader for equipment

Nice build with an arduino to automate access to equipment.

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Nice and cheap build for a light panel

The author took some LED stripes, and a broken LCD monitor for its case to make the panel.  Nice idea (I can see doing this to make a light for plants.

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Nice simple 3D printed pump

Take an old CPU fan and 3D print out the rest to make the pump.  Then use that for some water toys.

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Cool 3D printed airplane launcher

Nice cool 3D printed paper airplane launcher.

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Cool motion sensor horn

Need a quick alarm system or animal determinate, this is a nice build that will help with that.

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Nice phone stand

Phone, watch, and keys stand.  Author includes a measurements on how to build your own.

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Could concrete planter build

The author puts a soda can for the insert for the concrete, which is a good idea since you don’t have to remove it when done.  Could make a good mothers day project.


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Cool robot arm build

The build is pretty neat, the author posted up STL for 3D printing the arm out, even thought it was laser cut.  Looks like you can convert it either way.

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Build a Wax CNC

Interesting build,  Note that this build is on wheels and moves around.  Basically it prints out wax so that when the cloth is put into dye, the wax keeps the dye off and presto, you have a pattern.  Took me a bit to figure out the wheel driver is a geared stepper motor.

We Couldn’t Resist this CNC Batik Bot


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Here is a different way to do a POV with a fan

Instead of the fan being part of the POV, the author uses the fan as a turntable for the LED’s.

Building a POV Display On A PC Fan

original site

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