Make your own Embroidery Machine

The author has a set of 3D printed out parts that you can use to basically turn your sewing machine into a 2D CNC. Interesting build.

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Making an automated chop saw

The author basically build a system that would cut up bar stock into smaller pieces. Why? Not sure. But if you have to make a bunch of them, this would be worth it.

Whole thing is controlled by an Arduino

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Make your own Andorian antennas

Interesting build. They rotate back and forth and an arduino is used to control them.

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3D print out your own Domino Machine

Nice build, it goes thru and lays out a straight line of dominos to knock over later.

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Adding in your own bluetooth

Not a bad build. The author took a RPi Zero, and a DAC hat to make a bluetooth receiver to go into the stereo in on a car. He built a custom RPi image to do this all with too in Yocto. Me…I bought an mPOW that does the same thing for 1/2 the cost.

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Tool for a socket like extension

Nice build. I like it as I have had to cut wrenches in the past to get them to fit in tight locations on a car.

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Make you own Extrusion Corner Plates

The author points out that these cost $3.5 each and you can make them for about $1.40. Me…tough call, if I don’t need alot of them, I might just buy them.

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Interesting ring build

The author basically is using a wireless coil to get power from another wired coil (i.e., a transformer) and that powers the ring. I could see other uses here to power a simple chip as well.

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Nice build for custom covers for key fob

The author CNC’ed out a custom key fob. It looks really nice.

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Interesting robotic boat

The author basically made this to try out some some automated rover software.

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