Homemade Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner

Pretty impressive build. Not so sure I would go thru with it myself.


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Simple jig to sharpen chisels

This beats the way I do it by hand. Jig is made out of scraps too.


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A basic ventilator

I like this build, it shows the basic concepts of a ventilator. Now given in the USA this would never be allowed. But in other countries that don’t have access to 20K and up ventilators, this simple build could be a live saver.

Its also nice to see how this unit works as well.


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On the trend of 3D printed masks

OK found another one. This one looks a bit easier to print out.


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Another 3D printed respirator

Haven’t shown another one of these in a bit. This is another nice build which you can use parts of a N95 mask to be the filter in this one. Me…masks seem to be easier to come by these days so I think I should be all set.


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Using an old touchpad to control a stepper motor

Nice build with an arduino for the controller. You use the touchpad to move one way or the other, and tap to continue moving.


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Nice Drill Press accessories

The author build a dust collector and laser guide. Only thing with both of them is you have to constantly adjust them if the table moves.


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3D print your own Cyclone Dust Collector

I can’t imagine how long it took to 3D print this out. But it is impressive.


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One fancy tablesaw sled

The sled can be used to make miter cuts with a table saw. Me…well I have a compound miter to do that, but if I did not, or wanted to go down to one tool, this could be a good alternative.


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Interesting food processor build

The author took a grinder, and 2 metal cans to make a food processor. Interesting build…not so sure why he didn’t use a food processor (I think you can get ones for $20 that are decent). Either way with the power of a tool grinder this thing will definitely do the job.


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