Someone has too much time on their hands

This is a self contained spitball gun. Load in water, toilet paper, and launch your spitballs.

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Making a button dispenser

Nice build, the author built a button dispenser with a touch sensor.

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Turn an ESP8266 into a WiFi Jammer

Pretty cheap jammer. The “jamming” part isn’t a radio freq. jammer but more protocol stack based.

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Another mini lathe build

I seem to be on a lathe kick lately. Anyways this is a nice build if you have a decent 3D printer to print the parts. Me…not so sure I want an ABS based fram for a wood turner.

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Opensource hearing aid

OK after seeing how much pro hearing aids run (3 grand easy). I can see why there is an opensource project. Article indicates the board will run around $250, not including headset. But still thats 10% of the cost of a full blown system. I will be interested to see how this project progresses.

Site for the project:

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Make a drill powered hacksaw

Interesting build. Seen a few of these over the years, this one is the first that seems pretty sturdy compared to others I have seen over the years with 3D printed parts.

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Make a palm sized gattling rubber band gun

This may go on the list of things to print out.

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Using a grinder with a lathe

OK seems a bit crazy, but the author made a duplicator for his lathe with a grinder. Why? Well the grinder can take the wood off even faster, and the duplicator so you can make multiple table legs for example.

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Portable water pump

Interesting build. I like the use of pipe for the vanes of the pump.

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Interesting battery operated sander

Interesting build. Not so sure I would make it battery operated based. But hey, it works right.

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