Picture hanging tool

Why didn’t I think of this, you have a threaded rod on a stick that you can use to make the mark on the wall where to put the hanger for the picture frame.


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DIY cement weights

Since most cheap weights are cement with a plastic cover, this makes sense to make your own for some of the heavier sizes. Interesting build overall.


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Make a pinwheel from a soda can

Nice build, the author has a template that you can print out and put on a taken part soda can.


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Convert old file cabinets into roll a way tool boxes

I have done this with old kitchen cabinets myself. Note the first half of the video is the author just going on and on…so skip to the half way poin


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Interesting Hydroponics build

Well the air gizmo isn’t cheap, but the rest of the materials are normal stuff.


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Making a PVC chain

Interesting build. The author 3D printed a template for cutting the rings from a pvc pipe. Each link does have a cut in them to attach them together, and then melts them back together.

Me…this is cheap way to do it, but….I think I would just buy some cheap real chain at harbor freight.


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Interesting drum sander build

This is good for small pieces of wood. I would not try this with a long or large piece. Also pretty complicated build overall. Oh I like how the author built the roller with ends loose to put the sandpaper in.


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Cool pastry flattener

Its interesting to watch this guy on youtube. He is a chef but builds of rather interesting gizmos.

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Making your own metal lathe on the cheap

Interesting build. Not so sure I would go this far for a lathe, and maybe just go someplace instead.


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Make a softbox light

Interesting build. Not so sure I would use cardboard for the sides as if it gets wet…well its all over. But still an interesting and cheap build.


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