3D printed pump for NEMA based motors

Interesting pump build to use with a NEMA motor (typically stepper motors).  If you need some sort of pump that does measured amounts this could be the way to go.

The Bolt-On Peristaltic Pump


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Cool climbing shoes

I got a kick out of this, simple shoe build to climb a tree (assuming no branches get in the way).


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cool DIY crane

Nice build and the plans are free to make your own.  Not sure what I would do with this thing myself.


plans here:


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Simple idea to make your own carmats

Good idea if you want to make some custom mats for your car.  An alterative (if you don’t have the old mats) is to slowly shape out the cardboard templates first.


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Interesting way to make your own circuits

The author uses a cut plotter to cut out the circuit lines from copper tape, and then transfers that to the board to use.



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Make a bubble fountain

This is a pretty cool build.  Looks straight forward to make too.


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Using a microbit to control halloween lights

Good build for working with kids.  Micro:bits are small easy to program microcontrollers for beginners.  They make arduino’s seem hard to use.


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How to figure out polarity of an LED

I knew about the flat size, longer stem, etc ways to test.  But…did not know the bigger plate on the LED is also the negative.


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Convert your portable bandsaw to a stationary one

I have a portable bandsaw and have been looking at converting it to a tabletop version (when needed).  This build gives me some good ideas but I would like to make it so I can convert back and forth quickly.  Oh and without any major mods to the saw.


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Make a tuning CAP

pretty neat idea, the author takes some washers and makes a tuning capacitor from them (with some 3D printed parts).  Pretty clever build

DIY Tuning Capacitors from Washers and 3D-Printed Parts

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