A serious looking framing build

The author built one serious picture frame clamp design. Its a nice build (I sometimes struggle with the 4 blocks I put around a picture frame to hold everything together). And portable, but…seems overkill for me unless I start making alot of frames.


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Interesting turnstyle for tools build

The author took a small bike wheel, and used it as the hub for a turnstyle for tools. Nice build. Me…I like the build but I think I would do it a bit differently. Maybe have pegboard inserts? Oh and I don’t have a welder, so the rods used to attached the wheel too would have to be built from something else.


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Make your own Router

I got a kick out of this one. They author basically takes a motor, some PVC parts and plex board to make a router. Clever build. Me…you can get a trim router at Harbor Freight for $20. Heck alot easier.


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Nice bender roller

Nice build, Not so sure I would make it myself thought.


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Making Villain posters

OK the author just scanned in a coloring book and enlarged the printout to frame it. Not too special but does look good.


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Nice build for making a marking ruler

basically you are making a slide for the ruler that you can secure. Nice build overall. I wonder if there is a quicker way to do it than put sandpaper to the ruler to make the slot thought…


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Simple re purposed lamp

I did something similar to this build. But I didn’t 3D print the parts out. Instead I used PVC pipe and a few other parts to make a shop light for my grinder stand.


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Making a Thermal Insert Press

All …OK well mostly with 3D printed parts. The press is used to heat up metal, such as nut inserts, to push/melt into a plastic fitting. Great for say a plastic box that needs it. Me…unless I am making a bunch of these, I just will do it by hand. Still a nice build and idea. And ALOT cheaper than anything you can buy.


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Make a drill press depth stop

This is on my list of items to add to the drill press. I have an old, 1980’s standup one that doesn’t have a stop, and I do miss it. This build is pretty simple, just have to be careful putting the holes in the press so close to the quil.

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Nice plunge router mortising jig

Only issue I have with this build is plunge routers are expensive. But I like the build overall.


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