Make your own Bike Wheel covers

I have priced these out in the past, and they are EXPENSIVE so this is a nice cheap (ish) solution to make your own.

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Interesting swamp cooler

This one has water going over the bucket and trickling down the foam stuff and getting blown thru.

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Speed control without an arduino

Basically you are using a stepstick (motor controller) like board with some resistors  and caps to make a user controlled motor.

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Cool circle cutter with a grinder

Been seeing alot of nice homebrew builds with cheap grinders.  This is the first circle cutter thought.  This could be a good way to make a saw blade for wood.

Simple Jig Uses Electromagnet For Clean Angle Grinder Cuts


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Interesting mini lathe build

This is an interesting build.  I like the plexi glass look, but I question the durability of it.  Anyways I also like the use of the aluminum rails (instead of making ones out of wood).  This could be a nice mod for the wooden build solutions.  Not so sure where the author found a DC motor in a washing machine, most of the ones I have taken apart are AC based.

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Use a Laser cutter to make custom shipping boxes

This is funny, the author uses a laser cutter to cut cardboard (from other boxes) to make custom boxes.  Good idea to “recycle”.

Laser Cutter Turns Scrapped To Shipped

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Cool wine stand build

I could see migrating this build to a CNC.  The author has templates and directions for the build are pretty good.   I like how it folds down and is portable.

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Simple hack to clean out the oil valve on a chainsaw

Not a bad idea.  basically you add a hole to the cap that you use when needed to blow the system out.

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Cool seesaw build

Add one tire, plank, and some other bits and you have a nice looking see saw.

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A faster way to knit a scarf

I got a kick out of this one.  The author took a stationary bike, and Addi Epxress Knitting machine, and used it to make scarfs at a train station.

Bike-Driven Scarf Knitter is an Accessory to Warmth

project here:

Cyclo Knitter by George Barratt-Jones

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