Convert your CT scan into a 3D print

Pretty nice write-up.  Next time I get a CT Scan I’ll have to try this out.

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Build a cheap workbench ($50)

Using one sheet of plywood and a bunch of 2x4s, you to can build this simple workbench.  Its cheaper than ones from Harbor Freight (which you still have too put together).

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Making an cantenna

Nice write-up on building a cantenna.  I haven’t seen one of these in a few years.

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Nice build for a pop-up trunk shelf

I like this build, the author added in a shelf for the trunk of a sport utility on the cheap, and it folds down to stay out of the way.  Only a few things that maybe worth changing.  One, you need to take the split fold down seats into account.  Two, I would spread the legs out a bit more. Oh and three, I would have custom made the legs to avoid the $18 per leg cost.  Oh and up (some are $30 a leg).

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CNC a Nail Stamp Plate

Very clever build.  The author used a CNC to make small templates to paint nails with.

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List of a bunch of free computer maintenance tools

All windows based.  Most of the ones listed I had heard before.  Speccy was an new one thought.  Several comes with ad’s too (so be forwarned if you use them).

Top 5 Free Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Know About


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Crackle, tool the simplify cracking bluetooth encrypted session

Its basically a brute force attack and takes in a wiretrace and spits out the decrypted version.  I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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Nice concrete lamp

The author built it for the outdoors.  Its a nice build but I would do one thing different, instead of drilling the holes needed maybe put in pipe so the holes are already available.

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Make your on Van deGraaff Generator

This one looks more powerful than the ones I use in schools.  Interesting build overall.  Would I do it….no.

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Opensource POS (point of sale) systems

I didn’t realize how many there are now.  POS can be a very lucrative consulting area.  Most of the stuff I have seen is proprietary and expensive.  Apparently several companies have opensource versions you can now use instead.

a non-commercial one here:


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