Cool little CNC to make boxes with

Neat CNC that is opensource(?) that can be usedto make box joints and such.  Oh it can be used to cut into doors as well so its pretty useful.  Reminds me of a shopbot build from 4 years ago.  Looks like its still a beta tool, so something to keep an eye on.

A CNC Woodworking Tool That Does The Hard Parts


Main site:

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Turn a bike tire into a belt

OK so I have used inner tubes in the past for rubber bands.  I have not thought about turning a tire into a belt thought.  Good idea (and unique).  Not so sure I would use bolts to hold the buckle in, or maybe just rivets so not to rub up against the pants.

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cool foam cutting CNC build

The author calls it a 4 axis CNC, which is kindof right..more 3.5.  Either way its a nice build.

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Nice workbench add ons

The author did a series of add ones for his workbench that are pretty nice.  Of course you need a workbench that is cleared off it do this.

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Simple template for skims

Nice idea the author made for using a bandsaw to make shims as needed.  I could see this be adapted for a tablesaw as well.  Normally I would just buy shims, but in a pinch, this is a good way to make some.

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Make PUBG triggers for your phone

On the cheap with some small screws, popicle sticks, and springs.

I got a kick out of this one.  Only issue is it could be a bit time consuming to make.

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Build a batman wall light

Nice build (using a CNC).  I like how the author builds a sub-mount to put the LED’s on and hide the electronics.

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simple ghetto CNC

This is a pretty simple CNC build, more of a “build it in an afternoon” style.  Could be a good one to do with kids.

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Convert a broken compressor into an air tank

Good idea for some of those cheap compressors that the motor dies off on you.  Author says its around $10 in parts to do, I am thinking closer to $20 if you are unable to re-use parts already on the compressor.

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Cool CNC robot for sand (or spray gun)

Nice looking build for a robot (CNC based to write stuff out in sand, or adapted to use spray cans.

Spraychalk Anoints your Sidewalks with Precision Sandprints

main site

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