Print out a glass bottle cutter

I actually have one of these from a kickstarter project from years ago. Its a nice build but I think you need a good sized 3D printer to print this one out (over 8 inch bed).

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Make a mini volt meter

The meter and display is a single unit you can get off from ebay for a buck. Basically the author puts this on top of a 9 volt battery, adds some leeds, and shrink wraps the whole thing. Oh and has a switch for on/off.

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Make your own escape ladder

Nice build, me, well I think I would buy one first.

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Cool homemade planer

Nice build…would I do it? No, I would buy one off a yardsale. This looks really nice but alot of work to make.

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Turning your Micro:bit into a compass

Someone already wrote the code for you, so you just need a nice cover and your Micro:bit can be used as a compass.

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Cool mini 3D printed CNC laser engraver

Nice build, I like the re-use of the CD-ROM motors, but I am not so sure about using lasers. Drill motors I can handle but lasers make me a bit nervous. Either way the STL files for the build are available so you could convert this build into a non laser version.

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Interesting router bit tray

Pretty interesting build. I like it cause its an easy and quick build. The slots are a bit smaller than the shaft of the bits, but the intersection is perfect fit.

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Turning a PC fan into a personal fan

I have done a few builds like this, just not as fancy.

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Interesting CNC build

Author uses 3D printer to make the ends for the frame. Nice build overall. Not sure if I would go with this over MP CNC. Bit pricey of a build with some of the parts he uses.

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Make your own 3D scanner

Interesting build, it moves the object around and you use your phone’s camera to scan in the images. Uses an ATiny to controll the thing.

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