Making your own portable bike workstand

This write-up is a bit hard to read since the author used alot of CAD like drawings to show how everything goes together (instead of the construction of it). But Its all wood and folds up nice.

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Interesting build for long thin planters

Not so sure I would do this, but still a nice build

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Nice giant compass for whiteboards

Or chalkboards too. I like the build but not too sure why the author uses a clear plastic cap for the center point. I would think a suction cup or something might work better.

Oh wait I get it, the cap is loose so you can “spin” around it.

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Making HarleyQuinn’s Hammer

Nice build, pretty ligthweight too.

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Nice CNC robot arm

This is a nice build since it uses a laser (no need to worry about drag of the bit), and it takes up alot smaller space than the area it can cover. Tool me a bit to understand how the arm does the Z access, but now I got it, its a clever build.

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Cool robot that can swim, skate, and crawl

Came out in 2018, but still a neat robot to watch in action.

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On heck of a robust camera dolly

With thick pipe and skateboard wheels this is one pretty intense camera dolly. My 2 cents, I think I would use angle iron instead of 3D printed mounts for the wheels, only because its most likely the weakest point in this build.

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Crosscut jig

I have to say I like the builds the author PLYwood does. This one is a crosscut jig that can be adjusted for all sorts of saws (circular, jig, etc). Clever build overall.

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Another build for a simple clamp

What is up with folks making there own clamps lately? It looks nice, and you can make it with scrap wood and a bit of PVC pipe. But…why not just get cheap ones at harbor freight? Or online at amazon? If anything I would take on of those and modify them with the “pins”.

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Make your own Bike Front Rack

Clever build. Not so sure I would do it myself unless I had the pipe available for free. Reason being is I can get a simple front rack for around $20, pipe could run me $15.

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