Make your own drinking straw

OK I could get worked up how everyone is freaking out over straws when I see a whole lot of other larger items going in the trash.  But it is a starting point.  Anyways, nice write up on how to make your own straws out of a stainless steel tube.

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Nice air filter build

Only thing is it uses an car air filter instead of a hepa based one.

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Turning a can top into a fish hook

I like this idea, pretty simple way to turn a can top into a fishing hook.  Only down side is you need to have something to cut it with.

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Cool light up sign

I have seen this before where you light up plexiglass and etch it for a pattern.  But this one you only etch the “text box” and then write in your own words with marker.  Not a bad idea.

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Make your own simple metal bender

Or pipe bender.  I like this build but I would make one change, maybe put multiple holes on the handle so you can adjust for different pipe/metal sizes.  If you have the material on hand, this would be worth building.  But….you can get a cheap version of this for $20-40 on net.

Oh the other option I like in this build is its a no-weld solution.

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Interesting belt sander build

No weld build on this one.  Looks a bit clunky but it works.

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Last cut mini trees to make a big one

Nice build, the author came up with a pattern that you can cut out to make mini trees that you can put together to make a big tree.  My 2 cents, I would make some holes in the boards too for lights to be inserted.

Oh the design also takes into account no waste of board when cutting on…on a laser cutter only.

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Neat portable wind power build

Pretty simply build, use 2 cloth like vanes and a motor, put it all on a string and attach it to a charger.  I am looking to see if I can find a write up on this one too.

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RPi christmas tree display

Interest build.  The LED’s for this project must have been a small fortune.  Anyways the author built a nice LED stand to put over a planter and uses a Raspberry PI for the controller.

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Make a mini CNC drawing machine

I have seen the 3D printed version of the Piccolo machine before, but this author converted everything so you can cut it out from a board with a CNC.

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