How to setup your Google account to delete or share on your death

Good article.  Something I need to do myself.

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Nice write up on how to create a Minecraft server with RPi

I know I have posted a few of these before.  But this is a nice write up so I thought it worth posting up.  Note I think you can get away with an RPi original here too, not just an RPi2.


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A 3D printed lab Mixer

Interesting design.  Sounds like it works pretty well too.

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Add in LED eyes to a picture

Interesting build for Halloween.  LED seems a little too bright for my taste, but maybe its just the picture.

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Document scanning apps for your phone

Most of them I have heard of, but the first two, CamScanner, which sounds interesting.  But one from Microsoft, Office Lens, sounds very promising.  There is no “if you want this feature upgrade” option on the list.


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Make a simple loud rip wire alarm

Basically the string gets pulled and the motor spins like crazy whacking a nut on string against the pan.  Simple build to do.

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Barn door from scooter wheels and drawings in McMaster-Carr

The author made a barn door slider from some keep scooter wheels, and machines the brackets from drawings that McMaster-Carr provides for free.

Scooter Wheels Keep DIY Barn Doors on Track

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Online places to buy art

Interesting list of art sites you can get art (prints mostly) online.  Me, if I am forking out more than $20, it better be original not a print.  But still nice too look at as alternatives to the limited local “art expo’s” I see during the summer.

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Interesting new Arduino style

This one is interesting, much smaller than existing standard UNO boards, pin out is different too.  Oh and 32-bit ARM.  They add in WiFi or cell too.   Not so sure how well received these will be since the don’t look like they will fit with existing shields.

Arduino Widens Wireless Offerings with Two New Boards

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Make a simple clutch for a drill press

I had to watch the video to see how this was built.  Its a nice idea but if you need “power” behind your hole being drilled, you do not want to use this.  Figure not including the chuck, $10 in parts?  Worth the build (you can get small chucks from burnt out cordless drills).  I do like this for creating threads on metal.

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