Bucket handle

Nice build from the author, basically he was looking for a better handle and used some black pipe for the purpose.  Not so sure I would have (cost would add up fast).  Maybe use some PVC instead?


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Cool 3D chocolate printer

The authors figured out how to speed it up by cooling the chocolate off with water after each layer.


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Make a garden cart

I remember my grandfather having a cart like this.  It was a bit bigger and he bought it.  Looking at the materials its going to be $80 to built this cart.  The “bought” version can be found as low at $160(before tax).  So its a tough call.  Me…it would depend on materials at hand.  If I had the bike wheels and spare wood, I think I might build it.  Oh, time too.


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Nice build for an umbrella table

Relatively straight forward build too.


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Cool 3D printed hovercraft

Nice build for a hovercraft, the author must have a decent sized printer to print out at the size the craft is.

Single Motor, Single Piece 3D Printed Hovercraft

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Make some light up ice skates

Or perhaps apply this to roller skates as well.  The build is pretty simple, I like how the skates use an arduino to control light effects.


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Simple water de-salinator

No idea if I spelt that one right.  Anyways its a simple method to show how you can use sunlight to get salt out of water (to drink it).


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Interesting firmware IETF’s drafts in the works

I know there are several groups that have working standards for managing and updating software on IoT devices, this is the first I have seen from a standards body that isn’t totally controlled by one company.  Thought the list of authors is pretty small.


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Make a nice looking paper flower

With ALOT of coffee filters, plus side is the filters are cheap.  Downside…this could take some time.


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Write-up on using an RPi with a K40 Laser Cutter

I have been tempted a few times to get one of these laser cutters, they are typically around $400 and seem to be “OK” for CCC (cheap chinese crap).   But ditching the controller software and going opensource is tempting too.

K40 Laser Cutter, Meet Raspberry Pi

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