Some alternative to pay for streaming services

Article has some interesting alternatives to the Netflix’s out there. I have heard of Pluto TV, but Tubi TV is a new one for me

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Nice looking CNC plotter from CDROMS

Nice looking plotter build. I was a bit leery about the “cheap” cost of this when I saw a dedicated motor controller board for the arduino. Til I found it on banggood for 3-4 dollars.

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clever use of an old motor spindle for sanding

The author uses the old spindle to hold sandpaper for a slapping like sander. Neat idea.

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Turning a cheap tire air compressor into a vaccum pump

I have seen folks use the compressors out of old frig’s do this, but this is a first time for one of the little tire pumps that I have seen. Its a nice build if you want to make a vacuum pump. And in theory, you could continue to use it as a tire compressor too.

Why do this? Well you can use it for a mini vacuum chamber. Or as a part hold down.

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Nice 3D print accessories for your quick clamps

I wonder if they will fit on harbor freight ends too. I bookmarked this one to try a few prints out and see if they do.

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Nice sand paper cutter

I like the build, and its on my list of things to make. A few things I would do different is a guide for the edge of the sandpaper on one end. And I think I would use craft cutoff wheels for paper over a handmade wheel. Or maybe a washer that was sharpened.

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Nice simple plywood mover

Simple build of a holder with wheels. Not so sure I would make one like this as I would use another build I made.

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Print out your own Dust Collector

This was too amusing. The author basically designed and 3D printed out a dust collector vacuum. Me…I think I would just make one out of scraps.

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Make a knife rack

I like this build, all done with a table saw too.

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Interesting way to recycle old bike chains

The author takes 9-11 links of a bike chain, and puts the key chain on each end to not just make it a keychain tool, but an improv weapon for defense when needed.

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