Building a scout birdhouse

Pretty simple design and build. Me…most birdhouse builds are from scraps so are limited to shape based on those scraps.

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Interesting wire/tube splicer

Will have to add this one to the things to build. With a few adjustments. I do strip wire and split tubes and usually use a utility knife to do so, this makes it much easier to do.

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Nice clock build

I like the clock build, plus you can customize it. Only thing is the LED strip used is a bit pricey.

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Bump stops for your CNC

The free plans are fore an X-Carve, but could be adapted to any CNC. My 2 cents, I was looking at this build and it would be pretty easy to build by hand as well with scrap wood.

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Making a Lemon Battery

This would be a fun project with kids. Teach how to pile batteries together to get a higher voltage for example.

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Nice write up on making knobs

Only part that adds a bit complexity to this is cutting the t-nut to allow for screws to be placed in to hold them in. Me…I superglue them in.

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Homemade apple cider press and grinder

Nice build, bit more work than I would take on (unless I had apple trees).

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Turn a drill bit into a Scribe

Good idea for old drill bits that have outlived their use. However…you can pick one up pretty cheap at Harbor Freight, so this is more of a project of love than anything else

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Convert a Scion xB into a camper

I had one of these cars and they can take a beating, and for a small car, pretty roomy. So this is a nice build if you are young and need a cheap camper like car.

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Using 2 relays to control a motor

A D/C Motor that is. Interesting build especially for higher power DC motors.

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