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Using a Stirling Engine to power an arduino

I was just looking at one of these engines too on ebay.  I was thinking more for using sunlight, but this is still pretty neat. Ethanol-Powered Arduinos

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Use a sawzall to shake cans of paint

Interesting build.  The author basically took a sawzall that wasn’t working out for him and made a paint shaker out of it with an arduino to control it.  The write up is pretty good.  And if you have a broken … Continue reading

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Need an opensource electronics project, check first

Its like a cross between instructables and thingiverse for electronics.  Mostly mod’s to things like arduinos and RPis for electronics. sample

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Adjustable Wire Foam Cutter with an Arduino

Interesting build, but couldn’t the author done the same thing with the POT being inline instead of using an arduino?  I wonder if the author has other plans for this.

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Build an arduino with a panel display built in

Nice build.  Basically its a homemade arduino with a display on the other end.  That way you can pop it onto a case and look pretty professional. Panel Mount Display Solves The Problem Of Drilling Square Holes Original article

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Build a card reader and display

This is neat, if you get the parts from china you can build this for around $15.  Basically the system will scan you card, then display the number value out on the screen.  This could be useful in debugging problems … Continue reading

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Make a simple wifi jammer for $7

Maybe less, I was looking at ebay and I think you could get the ESP cheaper.  This could be a handy tool to knock kids off the net.  

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Cool clock with an arduino and a Neopixel strip

Pretty nice build, Only downside is if you buy NeoPixels from say Adafruit, its going to run you around $20 just for the LEDS (not including power supply, arduino…etc).

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Neat small robot arm (littelarm 2c)

This arm is small enough that it should be printable on most hobby 3D printers.  Could be a cool project to do with kids.

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Simple Stepper Driver

Basically this is a nice write-up on a simple stepper driver with an arduino nano and a EasyDriver board.  Easydrivers are a nice stepper motor controller, but….they are a bit pricy

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