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Need an opensource electronics project, check first

Its like a cross between instructables and thingiverse for electronics.  Mostly mod’s to things like arduinos and RPis for electronics. sample

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CHAP: a cheap arm robot

Interesting build  I haven’t dug too much into it, but it looks like a simple and cheap mobile robot arm. CHAP: Low-Cost Tele-Operated Mobile Manipulator main site:

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Neat small robot arm (littelarm 2c)

This arm is small enough that it should be printable on most hobby 3D printers.  Could be a cool project to do with kids.

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Simple Stepper Driver

Basically this is a nice write-up on a simple stepper driver with an arduino nano and a EasyDriver board.  Easydrivers are a nice stepper motor controller, but….they are a bit pricy

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Another cool (and simple) robot arm build

This one is a blend of 3D printed parts and pipe.  It looks pretty straight forward to make, and only base for it maybe out of range for a hobby 3D printer to print out.  Oh the thingiverse link is … Continue reading

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Two arduino based drawing robots

Two nice builds for robots that can draw.

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Nice build for a Syringe Pump

I like the overall build on this project.  One thing I might do different is maybe cheaper steppers. 3D parts here

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Wow this is a fancy skittle sorter

This is a pretty fancy looknig sorter, impressive too (fast as well).  Uses 2 atiny’s to control it.  Would I build one…no way too much work involved in this build.  Still a nice build overall. M&Ms and Skittles Sorting Machine … Continue reading

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Cool robot build (servo controller) with Arduino and android app

Nice build, I like the controls the author has for this on his phone.

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How to kill off those pesky drones

Basically you take an Raspberry Pi and it makes a wifi connection to the drone and tells it to shut down. Build a Wi-Fi Drone Disabler with Raspberry Pi

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