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Crackle, tool the simplify cracking bluetooth encrypted session

Its basically a brute force attack and takes in a wiretrace and spits out the decrypted version.  I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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HashID, interesting python tool to ID hashes

This is an interesting tool that you can use to figure what time of hashes are used.  This can come in handing not just with hacking/pen testing, but with development as well as you may deal with different things that … Continue reading

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Hacking printers

A nice article that goes over that hacking printers is alive and well.  Most of the tool uses PJL to get into the system.  So if you can turn that off, it would be worth it.

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Interesting build for a smartphone connected door lock

Its using a pretty intense servo.  They have a wooden version of the deadbolt to servo device too.  It uses a raspberry pi for the controller.  I wonder why not a RPi Zero instead.  The comm’s is blynk between the … Continue reading

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How to opt out of person search sites

Good article on how to opt out of sites for personal info on you

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Interesting use of a RPi Zero. The $5 PoisonTap quickly, completely hijacks even a locked computer’s internet

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Using Jumper cables to stop trains

Apparently there must be some current that runs thru the rails to detect trains going over it.  So with a jumper cable, you can connect the two rails and make it look like a “train” is stuck on the tracks, … Continue reading

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Fern WiFi Crack tool

This looks like an interesting tool written in Python.  I wonder what it is using under the hood.

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Make a USB killer

OK this was too funny, the author takes a USB connector and the charge circuitry out of a bug zapper to combine the two to make a USB killer.  Basically a device that will charge up from the USB port … Continue reading

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Netdiscover, use to find devices on a network

Just a short article about netdiscover, a good tool to find out what systems are on the network with you.  I was surprised its still around.

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