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Cool CNC plotter robot arm build

Nice build, the author laser cuts all the parts and uses 3 cheap servos to power it. Pretty nice looking build

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Make a jig for coves on the table saw

I had to watch the end of this video first to figure out what the heck the author was making. Basically its a jig so you can have beveled grooves in a board. Pretty clever idea.

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Cool bead CNC

Not much on how to make one yourself. But its a nice build that does the bead artwork for you. Even has a hot plate built in to melt everything in.

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A ball bearing pick and place machine

The author designed and printed out a robot arm with vacuum to move ball bearings around. Neat build and is more for the classroom than practical purposes.

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Wine bottle engraving CNC

Nice build. The author basically build a CNC engraver for bottles. it can also draw and convert to a standard CNC. You can 3D print the parts from here:

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Simple RPi media box

Nice build. I have some original RPi’s that could benefit from this.

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Cool robot automated eye build

The author uses a couple of cheap servos, an ardiuno, and a 3D printer to make simple eyes that can move around on there own.

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Another nice Lathe build

Bit fancier than I would have built. But still a nice build and the author has plans available.

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Making a handheld planer into a tabletop

Nice build, the author made a nice jig for the planer to basically plane down boards to a given size.

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Nice knob jig

Nice build for a jig to make knobs. Me…I just hand cut them for now. This build is nice cause it can be used for different number of grab points on the knob.

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