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This gives me some good ideas for a staff

The author hollowed out and cut a log to put LED’s in it.  Looks nice and I could see this build going into a “staff”.

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Make your own vacuum cleaner

I had to laugh at this one.  Pretty simple build and concept.  Not so sure how practical it is but could be a good experiment to do with kids.

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Interesting solar heater

The author took the cooling grids off old fridges and combined a bunch together to heat up water.  That “heated” water then has a coil inside a water tank to transfer the heat too.  Which is a good idea since … Continue reading

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Pretty impressive build, wind powered pump to scuba dive with

Not so sure I would be brave enough to trust this thing.  But a clever build overall Breathing Underwater Using Wind Power

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Interesting concrete build

The author did a nice write up on using concrete overall for making decorations.  He 3D printed the “Frame” to use to hold the concrete in its form.  It looks like the mold is re-usable too.

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Make a folding crossbow

Nice build, not so sure I would do it myself since there is a lot of work involved.

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This must be what happens when the internet is down

Pretty funny build.  Me…I wonder if there is a way to build this so you don’t have to re-wind it. A Cow-Powered Human Centrifuge

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Flattening a soda can

OK I can relate to this one.  I have used the metal from a can before to make projects, and I have put it under some heavy books for a bit to “flatten” them out.  This looks like a better … Continue reading

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Cool climbing shoes

I got a kick out of this, simple shoe build to climb a tree (assuming no branches get in the way).

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cool DIY crane

Nice build and the plans are free to make your own.  Not sure what I would do with this thing myself. plans here:

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