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People powered Portable Trebucket

Neat build. I like how its portable. But…too bad it can’t use something for wieght on site instead of human pushing it.

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Use expanding foam to fill in bottoms of hollow doors

I wish I had thought of this a while back. Today’s hollow doors come with hardly any wood in them. So if you trim it, you most likely have to add in wood in the bottom (like I did). This … Continue reading

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Using an RPi for multiple webcams

Good idea to take some old webcams and turn them into security cameras under one device.

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Make a cardboard coathanger

Well if you don’t have a hanger, and lots of boxes around, this could be for you (make a coat hanger from a box). Pretty clever idea.

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Make your own shoe grips

Pretty simple build for some nice grips you can put on shoes.

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A nice build for a vaccum hold down vise

Nice video on a build for a vacuum hold down tool. I like how he did a second hole to hold the hold down if needed. It uses a compressor from a frig for a vacuum pump. Making the … Continue reading

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Nice write-up on using an image to convert to use on CNC

The whole thing is done with opensource hardware and software too. Two things mentioned that I haven’t tried before are, which can be used to convert SVG to gcode. And cncjs, which is a CAM like software for controlling … Continue reading

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Nice build for a Trebuchet

Nice build for a small Trebuchet you can make with kids. The author includes the SVG file you can use for laser cutting out the parts, or convert to a standard CNC.

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Candy Cane Build

Nice build. The author used plywood backing and difference sized PVC pipe parts for the LED cones. Not so sure I would go as far as using an addressable LED’s thought for the build (expensive)

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Adding EL Wire to a Veil

Nice build for a bridal veil using EL wire.  The wire is pretty nice to use and bright, but…the power supply for them typically have a humm to it.

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