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Make a CNC zen garden

I have seen a few other builds like this in the past. Me…the author should next automate the CNC to do patterns.

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Make your own coins

Interesting build to make your own metal coins.

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Painting by melting crayons

This is a fun project that you can do with older kids. Bascially cover up your design ahead of time, melt the crayons, and peal.

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Convert Solar Lights to other colors

Simple build overall.

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Cool plywood riser

Nice build where the author has a laser CNC to cut out all the parts for a shelf.

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Cool build for a benchtop jointer

This is a nice build, you can pick up hand planers on sale at Harbor Frieght for $20, this can convert one into a a benchtop jointer.

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Make a bubble machine from scraps

Nice build. The entire thing …well maybe not the battery holder, was from scraps.

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Simple LED Jewelry

Nice build, the author takes some 1mm rod, coin cells, and some surface mount LED’s to make them.

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Clever tank tread build

The design (that you can 3D print out) uses plastic BB’s as the fastener and bearing for the tread.

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Simple build for shelves for clamps

May add this one to the list of things to make. Right now all my clamps are bolted onto the workbench. And do get in the way, so having a way to hang them up would be nice. Its a … Continue reading

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