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Nice CNC plotter

Nice build for a CNC plotter.

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Cool build for a smart buoy

The build is to measure aspects of the ocean. Its a nice build but not so sure if the average person can make it (the 3D print is pretty big). I wonder if they could switch to using plumping supplies … Continue reading

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A multi head garden watering tool

OK this was a bit of an interesting build. The author basically put 4 shower heads on some PVC to attach to a hose for watering plants quicker. Interesting build.

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Nice sign build

The author uses LED rope wire. Me, this could be a good build for EL wire too.

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Make your own landscape stones

I have to agree with the author, those concrete stones you gate at the hardware store are expensive. The author shows how to make your own (including coloring for the cement). I agree with one of the commenters too that … Continue reading

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A chainsaw winch

I like the build, the gas engine can provide more power than the electric you find on some of these winches. But…I didn’t see anywhere the rear could be attached to something. I could see that trying to hold this … Continue reading

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Wine bottle wall holder

Pretty simple build. Pretty too.

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Make a PVC fence

Almost fell over when I saw this one. Not so sure I would do this over just buying a cheap fence from the local store. Nice looking thought. Not so sure about the cost. I think a length of picket … Continue reading

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Use Pipe and pipe clamps for a kitchen storage rack

Nice idea, The author got a hold of plumping metal pipe for the project, I think metal electric conduit should work here as well. I like this over my current setup where I put a bunch of hooks under the … Continue reading

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Nice little CNC plotter

I like this build. I was doing something similar with CDROM drives, but this is easier and uses servos over steppers.

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