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Nice workbench leg vise

Nice build overall, thought I don’t know if I would use the parts they did (rather pricey).

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A simple wedge holder to hold material

Pretty simple build.

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Making a cheap foam R/C boat

Nice build.  If you want to make a big R/C boat, this is the way to go.

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Another simple CNC build

Using 3D printed parts, and some cheap materials, it seems like a pretty good build. Turning A Rotary Tool Into A CNC

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CNC your sewing machine

OK this takes the cake, the author basically made an x/y CNC to move a cloth around on a pre-existing sewing machine.  Clever build CNC Embroidery Machine Punches Out Designs a Stitch at a Time

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3D printed doweling jig

Interesting build.  I like the use of bearings to control the drill (I just use a board with pre-drilled holes).

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This gives me some good ideas for a staff

The author hollowed out and cut a log to put LED’s in it.  Looks nice and I could see this build going into a “staff”.

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Make your own wheels for a robot, or R/C car

Interesting build…me…if I was in a pinch I think this would be a great idea.  But… You can get wheels pretty cheap on ebay.  Or cheap casters at Harbor Fieght and then take them apart.

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Homemade vacuum clamp

I got a kick out of this one, the author built it with toilet parts.

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Another simple rock tumbler build

Been toying with making one of these myself.  Mostly to remove rust on objects without me needing to sand them.  Only downside I see to tumblers is the medium you need to buy to put in it.

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