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Interesting combo of 3D printing, silicon molds, and rubber to make a wheel

Nice build, author 3D prints the cast for making the mold, then prints out the rim to put into the case, and then adds in the rubber to bond with the wheel.

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Turning an old printer into a plotter

Basically re-uses the rollers from the printer to feed the paper across. Neat build.

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Simple dartboard build and darts

Rather clever build. Cheap too.

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People powered Portable Trebucket

Neat build. I like how its portable. But…too bad it can’t use something for wieght on site instead of human pushing it.

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Use expanding foam to fill in bottoms of hollow doors

I wish I had thought of this a while back. Today’s hollow doors come with hardly any wood in them. So if you trim it, you most likely have to add in wood in the bottom (like I did). This … Continue reading

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Converting a 3D printer into a plotter

Interesting build. Me…well its a nice idea but the size of most 3D printers I could just “print” the design out on a regular printer.

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Using an RPi for multiple webcams

Good idea to take some old webcams and turn them into security cameras under one device.

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Make a cardboard coathanger

Well if you don’t have a hanger, and lots of boxes around, this could be for you (make a coat hanger from a box). Pretty clever idea.

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Scary homemade spot welder

Pretty scary looking build for a spot welder. But for made out of scraps, it does the job. My 2 cents…maybe a Harbor Freight solution would be better (and safer).

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Nice cover build for notebooks

Nice build for a cover for a notebook. Only downside is you need a laser cutter to do this with.

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