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Ant weight robot class

Nice article about building lightweight robots for battles

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Drill to powersaw

I thought this was a funny build, basically taking a hack saw, drill, and making a bandsaw like thing to cut stuff. Would I do this? No…too much work.

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Another nice multi device track saw build

Its a fence that can be self clamped to the board you are cutting. This one allows for a circular saw, jig saw, and router to be used.

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Cool magnetic gear box

Clever build for a gear box with magnets. Could be useful for underwater robots for example.

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Build a concrete CNC

Nice build, price is not too bad at first (under a grand) UNTIL you add in the concrete mixer and pusher…thats 4500$ alone….

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Office Space Hacker caught

I got a kick out of this article. The hacker (software developer) thought was a bit more greedy than the movie.

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