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Automatic pool filler

Nice and simple build with some PVC pipe and a toilet tank filler. Oh several modifications to this have been to use the Korky Universal Fit Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve (Model # 528MPK), which looks nicer

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making a vortex fountain

OK this was pretty cool build.  I am not 100% sure what is going on to make the build, but it looks nice.

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Another plywood boat build

I like this build, seems more robust than others (and more fun. Build A Boat With Your Buddies

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Portable spray wash

The author takes a simple battery operated pump, battery, and a jerry can to make a portable sprayer.  This would work for a shower, and other water purposes as well

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Interesting swamp cooler

This one has water going over the bucket and trickling down the foam stuff and getting blown thru.

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Nice simple 3D printed pump

Take an old CPU fan and 3D print out the rest to make the pump.  Then use that for some water toys.

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Cool LED affect build

Pretty cool build, the author uses an arduino to flicker the color LEDs to get the droplet affect. LED Illusion Makes Colorful Water Drops Defy Gravity

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Automated spray bottle

Now you can buy something like this call ssscat, which is around $20-30.  But this is much more fun and refillable. No, Cat, This Is Not The Litter Box

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Cool underwater camera build

Pretty simple build.  Basically hts an RPi used to take pictures for hours underwater.  The author had to custom order the glass on the front, but everything else is pretty cheap stuff.

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A simple water sentry

This is funny.  The author needed to get rid of some pesty deer eating his roses.  So he built a water blaster sentry (attached to hose for water ammo) to track and guard them.  I am surprised he didn’t used … Continue reading

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