Hack a Remote Control Snowblower

I looked at this and went, meh….Its a nice start, but I can see turning problems, and well, things falling apart fast. ┬áBut its a start….


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3 Responses to Hack a Remote Control Snowblower

  1. Aaron Makin says:

    Thanks for your review. I did a poor job at describing the purpose of the project. It started as a remote control lawnmower and the snowblower was a bi-product. Turning isn’t an issue because my driveway is strait and I like to clear it in strait patterns. With a little snow and ice, it’s turns easily. This design works well for me because it maintains a working snow blower if I need to clear heavy snow falls by hand; 2 bolts and it’s out.

    • robertwilkie says:

      Always great to hear back from authors. Thank you for the comment. I look forward to seeing a “version 2” if you build one.

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