Rebuilding My CNC, part 2

OK after getting linux up and running.  I installed HeeksCAD, or I should say I tried to install it on LinuxCNC.  I first downloaded a python script the author refers too.  Well it kept bombing out looking for libarea (which was installed).  Found a newer version of the script somewhere that addresses this problem.  Fixed a few links, and it finally compiled (over an hour to compile, spent 5+ hours getting this far).  So I start it up, and…core dump inside one of the math libraries built for HeeksCAD.

Next up PyCam.  There is a Debian package for it, but it DOES NOT SEEM TO TAKE DEPENDENCIES into account.  So make sure you install them yourself.  Once I did that and started it up, the screen for it came up right away.  The interface is a bit clunky from what I am used to, but it should do for now.

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