Xerox part of the Mopria Print effort

Interesting how a bunch of print vendors (Xerox/HP/Canon/Samsung) are involved, but not Google, Microsoft, or Apple.

Adobe is thought.  This reminds me of the days of the JDF (Job Definition Format) which seemed to involve the same players, but nothing really became of it since the same “non” players where not involved.


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  1. Bill Wagner says:

    Still more interesting is that all four vendors (along with Microsoft, Apple and virtually all other printer vendors) are members of the Printer Working Group, which approved the specification for and developed a logo certification process for IPP Everywhere. IPP Everywhere does the same thing as Mopria, uses the same basic protocols/formats (IPP2.0, MDNS, PWG Raster, PDF, JPEG etc), and was created for the same purpose. Looks like marketing one-upping engineering again. By the way, JDF is alive and well in the high end printing world.

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