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The lathe from scrapes

The author put that it only cost him $3 in stuff he didn’t get from scrapes to build this. Overall its a pretty simple build. Could be good for not just using dremel bits stationary, but also make pens from … Continue reading

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Nice groove making jig

Its used to make grooves in the edges of a board. When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what it was, til the example in the beginning of the video then it made sense.

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Build a slingshot from scratch

Nice write up on building one. Only downside is the author has a full woodworking shop which makes life easier.

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Nice build for hold down clamps

The author built them by hand. Me…I could see converting this to a CNC.

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Cool pastry flattener

Its interesting to watch this guy on youtube. He is a chef but builds of rather interesting gizmos.

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Making an Omnibot CNC plotter

First time I have seen one with 3 wheels instead of 4 and a write-up that involves the math behind it. Omni wheels have come down alot on price too…I saw some for $10 each.

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A radio controlled wheelbarrow

The author did it to “race” the wheelbarrow. Me…interesting build and would be nice for a more practical use, like as a wheelbarrow that is motorized.

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Neat analog clock build

Neat build, author is using an arduino nano for the controller.

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Nice CNC cut end table

Nice build, but…you need a full size 8×4 CNC to cut this one out. In other words this is for a pro shop. Or maybe a makerspace

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Make a mini pocket pump

Nice build, pretty simple one too. This could be expanded upon for maybe a powered squirt gun. Thought I don’t know if it would have enough pressure behind it.

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