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Another take on the RPi scope, with wifi

Nice extension to the project

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Making a RPi scope

Not a hard bump ld to do…well hard to find a raspberry pi to use…I may have to think about this for my own builds

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Nice router lift

Nice built that uses a standard trim router. Been looking at building my own but trim routers (used and cheap) are hard to find. Full size ones are easier to find.

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Turning a bottle into filament

This was one of the earlier (last year) designs for turning a bottle into filament. Just got around to reading it now.

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The poor mans self balancing robot

Neat build, could be something nice to do with kids.

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Making a coil winder

This case the author wanted to make electro magnetic coils, but I could see this used for other builds.

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Using a ring to unlock a door

Well a ring with an RFID tag in it. There is an arduino that reads the tag and unlocks the door.

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Nice portable windpower

Its a small portable windpower device that charges up a portable battery to use at any given point in time. Downside is the 3D printed parts could degrade overtime outside. Would be nice if there was a commercial (cheap) version … Continue reading

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3D printed servo

Interesting build for a geared DC motor to be used as a even more geared servo.

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Using U-Bolts for fence post clamps

Basically the author cuts a ubolt in half, uses some scrap for the end with a knob, and bam, fence post clamps for a table saw. Its a cheap method to do this, but…I have seen some fence post clamps … Continue reading

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