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Using hoverboard motor for wind power

I like this build, pretty simple (thought doesn’t have the vanes yet). And a slow spin already cranks out some impressive voltage

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Cool robot for shutting/opening curtains

This is a need bot that can open and close the curtains for you. Of course you need a decent rod and the curtains need to be those in and over types. The downside is with the discount they are … Continue reading

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Multipurpose table saw sled

I like this build, but a few things I would add is a tape measure on the top of the backstop, a “stop” for repeat cuts, and a sliding bar on the backstop to add stuff to the sled. Of … Continue reading

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Nice build for adding LED’s to a mask

The author sells most of the stuff to do this too. Basically you use conductive tape to line out the postive/ground lines, use sticky LED’s to “glue” onto the mask, and add a battery on the inside (coin). And done. … Continue reading

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Cool Monitor build for pools

If I still had a pool, this could be a build for me, helps monitor different aspects of the pool and equipment using an ES32

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converting an old plotter into a camera slide

The author took and old plotter and make a motorized camera slide out of it. Nice build, only issue I can see is its a “short” slide.

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Building a simple water sensor for Arduino

Should work with other controllers, basically you have a resistor in a circuit, and if it gets wet, the circuit is shorted out so you detect that. I put 2 wires in a sponge myself (separated) an when the sponge … Continue reading

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Neat homemade bubble machine

Neat build for a homemade bubble machine. Not sure if I would do this myself, it could be nice so you can have a bigger tank, bigger bubbles, faster/slower…etc over the cheap bubble machines you can buy.

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Simple bow sander Author basically takes so strips of plastic and hours them together on a sanding belt.

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Diffuse LEDs with milk bottles

Nice idea but actually you could use any bottle that is not completely clear.

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