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Simple, light, room dividers

Pretty simple build using wood frame and foam board for the “walls”. The foam also can help insulate and reduce noise too. Me, I might have added a thin sheet of showerboard too so they could become whiteboards. and help … Continue reading

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Updated sand art display

The author did some updates to his original sand art display bot.

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Add accounts to android

This feature comes in handy with kids or folks that want to borrow your phone, you can switch it to another account so they don’t accidently use your work email to send out stuff. 🙂

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Making pry tools from silverware

Not a bad idea to use old silverware that isn’t real silver. Mostly the prybars are used to pop open laptop cases that have those annoying plastic snap latches. Me, I bought a cheap plastic set from Harbor Freight, but … Continue reading

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Nice hold down for a table saw

I like the spring built into this. Nice build overall

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Make killing bugs a game

This one is a bit crazy, the author basically modified an electric bug swatter to keep things like a kill count.

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Installing Nextcloud on RPi

If you can find a RPi to do this with that is. I use OpenMediaVault myself, but tempting to switch over to this.

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Nice CNC build for cutting out of foam

gives me some ideas for converting old 3D printers that have seen better days. Something to think about anyways.

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Simple wind power

I got a kick out of this, basically the author just took a treadmill motor and blades from a fan and made simple wind power device.

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Cool CNC engraver using Solar

Nice build, the author has 2 issues, 1 it takes a long time to engrave, 2 once done you need to close off the lense so you don’t keep burning. Since lasers are some of the most expensive bit for … Continue reading

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