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3D Router, hand based tool

The author basically made a 3D CNC, but, its all hand controlled. Not a bad idea to get presision slots and cuts without having to go to CAD, then CAM, then setup a CNC. Just alot of work to make. … Continue reading

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Interesting CNC build

could be a bit more complicated of a CNC to control, as you need to handle the table spinning. But it does save on number of motors and other parts a standard CNC would use. The write up is not … Continue reading

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Another cool stool assembly

Seeing more and more of these lately. This is another simple stool assembly made from plywood and does not need nails. I may have to upgrade my CNC so I can cut a few of these out myself.

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Make your own rubix cube solver

Basically its a CNC using an ardiuno for the controller.

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CNC yourself a rocking stool

I have noticed more and more of these nice stool builds. Al l without the need for screws (you just need a big CNC).

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No screw, CNC Stool

Nice stool build. Simple to put together (if you can find a CNC to cut it out on).

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Cool CNC project ot make a stool

Its hard to tell, but I think the author makes 3 stools from 1 sheet of plywood with this design. Neat build overall. The write-up could use a little more detail thought

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The poor persons CNC

Or a “ghetto CNC”. Pretty straight forward build with simple materials. Fun to watch (amazed how well it works). I love the nut build he uses for anti backlash nuts.

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Making a button dispenser

Nice build, the author built a button dispenser with a touch sensor.

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Another mini lathe build

I seem to be on a lathe kick lately. Anyways this is a nice build if you have a decent 3D printer to print the parts. Me…not so sure I want an ABS based fram for a wood turner.

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