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Converting old 3D printers to CNC

Nice idea for light CNC work, not so sure about more intense jobs. The author did the conversion for $30. If you have an old 3D printer you could do this, but keep in mind the motors, drive (belt) may … Continue reading

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Cool knitting machine

It only makes a french braid. But still pretty clever build.

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Simple Heat set press

This is used to press inserts (like nuts) into plastic. Interesting and cheap build overall.

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Automatic pill dispenser

Nice idea to dispense and tell you if you have taken your pills or not.

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Cool magnetic gear box

Clever build for a gear box with magnets. Could be useful for underwater robots for example.

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Build a concrete CNC

Nice build, price is not too bad at first (under a grand) UNTIL you add in the concrete mixer and pusher…thats 4500$ alone….

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Two Servo drawbot

This is a bit of a ghetto build, and instead of using steppers, the author uses servos to drive the x/y.

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Nice plotter build

Pretty fast plotter too.

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converting an old plotter into a camera slide

The author took and old plotter and make a motorized camera slide out of it. Nice build, only issue I can see is its a “short” slide.

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A drawbot that can use a multi color pen

Interesting build for a drawbot, it uses a multicolored pen to switch colors, instead of changing the “pen” for each color.

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