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Simple re purposed lamp

I did something similar to this build. But I didn’t 3D print the parts out. Instead I used PVC pipe and a few other parts to make a shop light for my grinder stand.

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Making a Thermal Insert Press

All …OK well mostly with 3D printed parts. The press is used to heat up metal, such as nut inserts, to push/melt into a plastic fitting. Great for say a plastic box that needs it. Me…unless I am making a … Continue reading

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Make a drill press depth stop

This is on my list of items to add to the drill press. I have an old, 1980’s standup one that doesn’t have a stop, and I do miss it. This build is pretty simple, just have to be careful … Continue reading

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Nice plunge router mortising jig

Only issue I have with this build is plunge routers are expensive. But I like the build overall.

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Use dental bits for dremel

Interesting hacks for dremels. I like the bit about using solid carbide, dental bits with it and they are pretty cheap.

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Another nice bandsaw circle jig

Been noticing these builds more and more often. Its a nice jig to make circles if it fits on your bandsaw.

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A simple drill press vise

This one is a bit easier of a build compared to many others I have seen over the years. Me…I would just get one from Harbor Frieght ($20-30). Unless I saw the need for something customized.

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Simple table saw cross cut sled

I am a little mixed on these half sized cross cut sleds, they take up alot less space and easier to cart around, but you loose the contact point on the bit you are cutting off.

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Bending Acrylic

Nice write up on bending acrylic sheets. Author should mention that you want to do this outside.

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I like this crowne build

Only downside is the LED ring used is only 6 inches wide. Oh and the Acrylic was cut with a laser cutter (so if you don’t have one…). I think the design could be adapted for a …well larger head. … Continue reading

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