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Bench Dog build

I like the build the author does, thought I would not go as far as he did in making it (I would just buy dowel at HD for example). Still I like the builds.

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I have been looking at this build. Its pretty straight forward and can be cheap (assuming you have a 3D printer) to make, under $50 anyways.

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Anti boob peaking dress

I got a kick out of this design. Basically if someone gets closer to you, the dress will pull up the collar so you expose less up top. It sounds like the author got alot of odd looks from this … Continue reading

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Wow its alot of work to curve a board

This author spent alot of time making this curved laptop desk. Me…I wonder if the steam approach would have been easier…of course it would not been done with plywood.

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Another nice Neon looking (LED) sign

Nice build, as long as you have a laser cutter to cut it out.

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Simple magnetic cable organization

Basically glue some magnets to the end of the desk. Simple job to do.

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Cool delta plotter build

Not sure if I would make one myself, but its a pretty cool build overall.

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A simple board to lift doors

I like this build. Its basically a curved board that you slip under a door to lift it. I typically use a crowbar for this, but this is nicer as its smaller, lighter, and won’t mark up the floor.

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Interesting door opener

Interesting 3D printed build to open doors without touching them. Me, well with the lever doors I just use a stick. I think the design is to also work on turn doorknobs as well.

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Cool build for making power with a rain gutter

I had thought about this before. I like this authors build as he makes the power generator with 3D printed frame, wire and magnets. This would make a cool kit to make with kids. He even has frames you can … Continue reading

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