Update to automous R/C boat

The author that build a floating auto tote, now updated to a more modern style (but still had issues). Interesting developing build with this author.

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Servo Sock

Interesting build, basically its a box to hold a servo (the hobby servos are not exactly easy to mount) that gives you an easier way to mount and use a servo. Guess the author plans to make a commercial version soon.

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Making Strandbeest legs

Nice build, you can print out the templates to make them…me, the templates look like they could be adapted to CNC them out.


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Crazy 3 in one build for a dremel

The author made a mill/drillpress, lathe, and router table in one build. Its really nice looking but…wow, would take me forever to build.



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Convert a bike pump into a vaccum pump

Nice build (and good to use for experiments with kids).


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Using expanding foam for air wings

Interesting build. The author uses the foam to make the mold and the resulting wing for a model airplane.

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Interesting Oscillating sander build

Not so sure I would go to the extent the author did to build this. But still a nice idea and build overall.


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Cool grafitti robot

OK kindof a robot. The author still needs to move the skateboard. Anyways the bot writes out a message in chalk dust (from chalk spray) as you skate along. Me…Would be nice to automate that bit and I wish the author put a bit more info on how the spray assembly is made. It looks like the servo just pulls on the sprayer with a spring. Not positive on that.


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Nice clamp build

The author provides the plans to build it for free too. This looks like a good design to convert to a CNC as well.


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Nice drill press table build

Nice build, I like how it has built in grooves to hold the clamps down. Me…I bought a cheap table at Harbor Freight for $30.


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