Nice Tenon Joint Jig for tablesaw

Pretty nice build, I like this author, he does some fancy builds with pretty basic materials, and is not into the “must look fancy” bit too.

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Nice portable drill press build

I like this build as you can “put” the press on the piece you are going to work on, like making holes directly on a table. Me….I think I would buy this at Harbor Freight for 30-40 dollars. Still a nice build.

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Making wooden nuts

The author uses 3D printed out templates to draw out the outside of the nut, pretty neat build if you want to make really big nuts out of wood. The nuts would be insulated which could be nice in some electric applications. The jig to make the threads is pretty clever too.

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One fancy 3D printed camera motion control rig

Wow this is one complex build. Not so sure I would make this one, even if my printer could print the larger parts. Nice to watch the build thought.

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Make your own Epoxy Resin Dispenser

Fancy build, the author basicaly makes a system where you can say how much you need, and it will push out the amount of resin and harden out into the container you place below it.

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Keep peg board hooks from falling out

This has been a problem for me, this is a simple hack to keep the hooks from falling out.

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Tennis ball launcher build

The author designed and 3D printed a tennis ball launcher for his dog to keep the dog entertained. Nice build, but two things, it currently only does one ball at a time (so needs loading cage). and second would be to have a basket the dog could drop the ball into. Oh and the ball drop may need a second catch to allow for multiple balls too. As the author says, its a work in progress.

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Hacking an Android App to figure out its Bluetooth commands

The author basically used an android VM to sniff the bluetooth traffic the Yamaha app used to communicate with its soundbar so they can create their own interface with the soundbar.

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Nice CNC build

The author 3D prints most of the rail and other parts with wood combo, so in theory with a 3D printer, and some hand tools you could build your own. Downside is you do need a 3D printer. The author says the parts cost him $50, but if you take into account not having a 3D printer, more likely $100-150.

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Nice jig for circular saw

basically its a slider to go with the saw for straight cuts. Nice build overall.

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