Making a homemade silent air compressor

Nice build, the author uses a compressor from a frig. Pretty quiet too.

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Simple bottle wind chime

Something I wanted to make myself someday.

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Neat analog clock build

Neat build, author is using an arduino nano for the controller.

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Nice CNC cut end table

Nice build, but…you need a full size 8×4 CNC to cut this one out. In other words this is for a pro shop. Or maybe a makerspace

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Making a giant lite brite

Nice build. Not so sure I would take this on (lots of holes to make, nevermind the acrylic rods are not cheap. And thats alot of LED’s too being used.

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Make a copper rose

Note you could use aluminum too here (cheaper). Nice build and looks pretty impressive.

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Make a mini pocket pump

Nice build, pretty simple one too. This could be expanded upon for maybe a powered squirt gun. Thought I don’t know if it would have enough pressure behind it.

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Interesting kit to make a POV

Call the jolliPOV. It uses an arduino nano for the controller. You can shake it yourself for the words, or attack it to a motor. The kit is $16 plus shipping, and does not include the arduino.

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Making a leaf blower with a chainsaw

OK this was just too funny. They author took an old blower and a chain saw and combined the two.

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Make a CNC zen garden

I have seen a few other builds like this in the past. Me…the author should next automate the CNC to do patterns.

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