Interesting birdhouse build

Could be a nice way to make one and eliminate some of the wood needed for the floor. Actually I think I would paint the can myself, and stain or paint the wood. But its a nice build overall.

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Simple automatic soap dispenser

Using an arduino, IR sensor, and a servo, the author built a pretty simple conversion for a pump action soap dispenser. Could be a simple project to do with kids.

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Nice home built dust collector system

Pretty amazing build. Most builds involve using a shop vac in it, this one, the author re-purposes a blower motor.

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Make your own rav Marshmellow head

Nice build, the bucket used is a good idea. LED’s are a bit pricy for the project (individual addressed LED’s are not cheap).

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Nice 3D printed stand for an electronic mircoscope

The author made this build for a scope based webcam that he could hold a circuit board down on and solder components too. Me…yeah I don’t go that small in boards (and usually use thru hole). But I could see repurposing this for other builds.

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nice multi angle table saw jig

This can be used not just for angled cuts, but to “straighten” out boards that have a curve to them. Relatively simple build too.

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Nice portable water sprayer

Good way to wash off dogs or yourself. It uses a weed sprayer bottle, and a shower head extension. The one bit I got that was interesting is the incoming tube in the sprayer may have restrictors in them that need to be removed (so you get a good flow of water). Oh and I get a kick out of the author trying to put the barbed end of the adapter onto the hose (I would have heated up the tube to get it over).

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Nice build for a roller stand

Very nice build. A bit more work than I would do thought.

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Interesting router jig for a simple table

Interesting build, pretty simple build too.

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Another nice build for a pocket hole jig

Nice build done with mostly hand tools and a table saw

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