Nice CNC Etch-a-Sketch build

A bit older article, but its a nice build where the author can draw on an etch-a-sketch.

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Making your own Gambeson

Well not a “working” version (so don’t go invading any castles with it), but still a nice build for something that looks authentic.

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Interesting motorized pressure regulator

Instead of using a $20 and up pressure regulator, the author used an analog gauge and wire contacts within it to determine when to shut the compressor on/off. There is a motor that turns the incoming supply on and off too.

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Another mini boat build

I can’t remember if I mentioned this build before. They author sells it as a “kit” too. Its a nice looking build, still alot of work to make.

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Homemade silicone mold material

So I made my own mold a bit back, and…well it was a bit more than I wanted to spend for molding material. I stumbled on this writeup using 2 tubes of silicone I, and dish soap, to make molding material, which would run about $12. Vs I think $30 I spend on about the same molding material directly.

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Nice tool for using belt sanding stripes

I like the build, but…I think I would use something else for the “bow” part of the sander, only cause I would be worried the thin wood strip would snap.

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Cleaning a Hazy Window

OK I have a couple of windows like this, Basically the insulation bit of the gas in the window has failed, and you get “stuff” inside it. Like the author, the windows themselves are OK, and are a custom “large” ones that will be very expensive to fix. This could be a good alternative to clean them up.

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3D printed adapter to roll toilet paper

They say its getting hard to find again. Anyways this build the author takes one of the giant rolls of toilet paper and rolls it onto another roll that will fit a standard house toilet.

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Interesting build for making multiple silicone mold parts

The author used multiple molds and one clamp to make multiple molds at once (instead of one at a time). Its an interesting build overall.

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Turn an Old Phone Into a Smart Doorbell Camera With Facial Recognition

The phone is basically turned into a wifi camera, an RPI is used for an image server, and then cloud based apps for the rest.

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