A cheap light bulb changer

For those bulbs up high that you can’t reach. Basically it’s an adapter you add onto a PVC pipe to screw in and out the light bulb.


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Another take on the RPi scope, with wifi

Nice extension to the project


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Making a RPi scope

Not a hard bump ld to do…well hard to find a raspberry pi to use…I may have to think about this for my own builds


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Nice router lift

Nice built that uses a standard trim router. Been looking at building my own but trim routers (used and cheap) are hard to find. Full size ones are easier to find.


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Make a giant rubber band airplane

This thing is big, clever build too.


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Insulate the bottom of your heat bed

You know I didn’t think of this before, but its a good idea. The heat bed on a 3D printer will “waste” heat from the bottom, so you waste energy. The author puts insulation on the bottom to help reduce that cost. Not a bad idea.


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Turning a bottle into filament

This was one of the earlier (last year) designs for turning a bottle into filament. Just got around to reading it now.


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The poor mans self balancing robot

Neat build, could be something nice to do with kids.


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Using a soda can for holding small parts

Would Ido this? No, too much work, but still its a clever build for a small parts holder


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Make a Marshmellow shooter

Pretty simple build with cheap PVC pipe.


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