Nice folding workbench

I like the authors solution to engage/dis-engage the casters on the bench. this way you can use cheaper casters for wheels on the bench vs the expensive ones that “lift” on their own. I also like the fact he build a way to store the whole thing onto a wall.

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Nice jigsaw track guide

Nice build for a jigsaw. Not so sure I would make this over one for my circular saw. But I guess if you only have a jig saw, this would come in handy.

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Nice build for an outfeed table for portable dewalt tablesaw

I have an older version of this saw and did build a outfeed for it, but not happy with it. I like this build, the author does have to put some holes into the frame to mount it. And I like how the table is spaced out so the fence can go in behind it (my current out feed does not play nicely with this).

I think if I did this build I may reduce some of the size of it.

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Turning an old ammo box into a external drive case

Nice build, not so sure the author needed all the cooling vents he put on it. but it has a nice tough look for a case. I could see making something like this for a mini computer myself.

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Neat jumping dress

The author uses a motion sensor to show movement with the dress. Also has a nice “meteor” option too (like a screen saver one). Most of the materials the author uses are from adafruit, which provides nice “kit” like materials for builds like this.

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Making a Miter Gauge

I might do this project. I have looked at getting a better gauge for my table saw, but they are expensive, so this is a nice looking, and somewhat simple, ok in an afternoon, build.

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Interesting cheap multi switch automation setup

OK I definately will not make this build. Neat looking where the author uses a stepper to “move” a servo across a row of light switches to turn them on and off.

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Interesting jig to make sanding drums (or wheels)

Interesting jig, I can see making this one if I was going to make alot of sanding drums, or maybe wooden wheels. But for now I just make these by hand.

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Another Kinetic Sand Art Table

Another nice build. I like how the parts are all 3D printed so you do not need to make any custom stuff. I like how he uses fake leather as a buffer between the magnet and the steel ball to quiet it. Also using craft sand is a good idea too.

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Cool beer tray

The author uses an arduino to control the LEDS to give the tray a nice light affect. Gives me some ideas for other serving trays.

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