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I have been looking at this build. Its pretty straight forward and can be cheap (assuming you have a 3D printer) to make, under $50 anyways.

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Simple magnetic cable organization

Basically glue some magnets to the end of the desk. Simple job to do.

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A simple board to lift doors

I like this build. Its basically a curved board that you slip under a door to lift it. I typically use a crowbar for this, but this is nicer as its smaller, lighter, and won’t mark up the floor.

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Interesting door opener

Interesting 3D printed build to open doors without touching them. Me, well with the lever doors I just use a stick. I think the design is to also work on turn doorknobs as well.

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Cool build for making power with a rain gutter

I had thought about this before. I like this authors build as he makes the power generator with 3D printed frame, wire and magnets. This would make a cool kit to make with kids. He even has frames you can … Continue reading

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Simple 3D printed face shield

with some elastic string, foam, and a transparency. Nice build overall and looks like its a small enough design that most home 3D printers can handle it.

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Nice tablesaw Tapering Jig

I like how the author uses the tablesaw to intially make the t slots instead of slowly going thru with a router.

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Cool simple mini wire bender

The author basically modified some bolt/nut combo’s for bending wire. Neat build, not so sure I would do it thought..

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3D print your own hands free soap dispenser

I got a kick out of this one. basically its a simple plunger based build for a hands free soap dispenser. Uses an ardiuno, servo, and ultra sonic sensor.–1/

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Building shelves for Dorm bedframe

This is much nicer than what I got my kids. The author built some nice shelves you could mount to the bed of a dorm room (one of those wooden bed on top, desk on bottom.

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