Shortage of Programmers?

I really question this article.  The article goes on to say software engineers and programmers are still seeing little to no unemployement, benefit increases, etc etc.

Me, I am a software person.  I have been seeing the opposite to this article with expectations.  That being in the hotspots (Sil. Valley, R. Triangle, NYC, etc).  You look at upstate NY and you can find a bunch of unemployed software people.  They can get a job, but it will not be in Upstate, or if it is, its for lower pay and in most cases, contract only.  Oh and then the other issue I see these days it the “if you are not trained in exactly what we need, we will pass you over”  ideology.  One of the things about engineering in college, is the concept of learning how to learn.  The point being that you will not find an engineer that will match your needs to a T, but they can learn and become that match.

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